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Hello everybody,
New edit/trailer is here just to dust off the channel, not sure if I’m happy with the final product but I’d love to hear your opinion, better edits will come surely this summer!
Thank you,
Stay awesome!

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Orange Is The New Black

The L Word

Grace Helbig

Hannah Hart

Mamrie Hart

Rose and Rosie

Kaelyn and Lucy

The Hunger Games

Harry Potter

Pitch Perfect

Jennifer Lawrence

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My fan cast of Lorien Legacies! What do you think?

• Number Four: Alex Pettyfer
• Number Five: Nat Wolff
• Number Six: Teresa Palmer
• Number Seven: Stefania Owen
• Number Eight: Robert Sheehan
• Number Nine: Tyler Blackburn
• Adam: Dylan O'Brien (Nogitsune version)
• Sam Goode: the same of The film, i don’t remember The name
• Sarah Hart: Dianna Agron

I can’t find a good one for Ella, any advice?