Diana F

Imagine being up Marvel’s rass for years, almost a decade actually, about making a female solo superhero movie in the MCU, only for DC to have Wonder Woman coming out in just a few months, being the 4th movie in the DCEU franchise, and y'all are either acting like y'all suddenly can’t read, or are choosing to nitpick Diana’s bald underarms.

“Niemals ist man tätiger, als wenn man dem äußeren Anschein nach nichts tut, niemals ist man weniger allein, als wenn man in der Einsamkeit mit sich allein ist.” - Arendt am Ende der Vita activa


Wonder Woman .. costume variations . 3 Rounds

My goal with these are to keep the basic iconic motif and do variations of them, without straying too far from the basic iconography. Varying degrees of success, right?