1985. I Am the Night

I Am the Night is the third album by Pantera, released in August 16, 1985. (see 1985 in music) on record and cassette. Any CD release is a bootleg transferred via vinyl or tape. This album is where some of Pantera’s faster and heavier influences were becoming more apparent, especially on the title track and “Down Below” (which was re-recorded for their next album Power Metal). Guitar solos took on character, hinting at Dimebag’s later style. It was also the last album to feature lead singer Terry Glaze. Commercially the album faired considerably well for an early Pantera album selling around 25,000 copies and managed to attract more notice from the attention of the heavy metal press due to its heavier musical style, and the band made their second music video for the track “Hot and Heavy”.

    Terry Glaze   Diamond Darrell   Rex Brown   Vinnie Paul