Why I’m not an Otome Game protagonist.

1) When insulted.

How MC reacts: What did you just say?!

How I react: My hand doesn’t need a magic circle to land in your face, bitch!

2) Something bad happens.

MC: Oh, no!


3) Something bad happens to someone I dislike.

MC: I can’t help but feel a little satisfied…

Me: Did you like that, you absolute fuck?!

4) Someone is being stupid.

MC: Can you please stop?

Me: Turn around and bend over, I’ll show where my shoe fits!

5) Someone is being mean to my hubby/waifu.

MC: Excuse me?! That’s my s/o! What do you think you’re doing?!


6) Something sad happens.

MC: *crying*

Me: *ugly crying*

Rejet Announces New Situation CD Series: Diabolik Lovers Zero !!

Official News from PASH Magizine reveals that the much anticipated title Diabolik Lovers Zero (PV), will be a series of 13 CDs. 

The schedule for the CD release are as follows:

  • DIABOLIK LOVERS ZERO Vol.1 逆巻アヤト/Ayato – 8/22/18
  • DIABOLIK LOVERS ZERO Vol .2 無神コウ/Kou – 9/26/18
  • DIABOLIK LOVERS ZERO Vol .3 逆巻スバル/Subaru – 10/24/18
  • DIABOLIK LOVERS ZERO Vol .4 月浪シンShin – 11/28/18
  • DIABOLIK LOVERS ZERO Vol .5 逆巻カナト/Kanato – 12/26/18
  • DIABOLIK LOVERS ZERO Vol .6 無神ユーマ/Yuma – 1/23/2019
  • DIABOLIK LOVERS ZERO Vol .7 キノ/Kino– 2/27/19
  • DIABOLIK LOVERS ZERO Vol .8 逆巻レイジ/Reiji – 3/27/19
  • DIABOLIK LOVERS ZERO Vol .9 月浪カルラ/Carla – 4/24/19
  • DIABOLIK LOVERS ZERO Vol .10 逆巻シュウ/Shu – 5/22/19
  • DIABOLIK LOVERS ZERO Vol .11 逆巻ライト/Laito – 6/26/19
  • DIABOLIK LOVERS ZERO Vol .12 無神アズサ/Azusa – 7/24/19
  • DIABOLIK LOVERS ZERO Vol .13 無神ルキ/Ruki – 8/28/19

Watch the Newly Released PV Here!


I am so ready for this. (ノ・д・)ノ
These are the new Chaos Lineage CGs that were revealed in the trailer, since Chaos Lineage will now become an official DL game! ヾ(。・ω・)シ
These CGs were edited by me and you are free to use them for whatever you like such as a blog header or in a post!

Here is the link to the trailer! Enjoy!



Disclaimer: I do NOT support incest. This is NOT a ship/pairing fanart piece. ABUSE IS NOT OKAY.

I have always been interested in the darker side of Diabolik Lovers, especially as a victim of abuse myself. Laito’s relationship with his mother has been one of the most disturbing, and intriguing parts of the character for me. Truly up there in the abuse scales regarding the boys from this series. For this piece, I’ve had it in my folders for about a year or more, scared to upload because I don’t know what kind of reception it will garner. But here it is, I leave this up to individual interpretation, but please do not put words in my mouth or think that I support abuse in any way. I DO NOT.

Please do not repost this anywhere, unless you have explicit permission by me.