What Diabetes Is

Ever since the unicorn frappucino was released, I’ve seen an uptick in “diabeetus” jokes. I’ve also seen people posting pictures of candy and cake and saying “Look at my diabeetus ha ha ha,” as if diabetes is some type of joke.

Diabetes is not a frappucino. There is no such thing as “diabetes on a plate” or “diabetes in a cup.” Let me tell you what diabetes actually is.

Diabetes is a small child dying of ketoacidosis because the doctor in the ER thought that child had the flu.

Diabetes is parents who can’t sleep through the night because they have to get up and check their child’s blood sugar during the night to make sure their child hasn’t gone into insulin shock or diabetic coma.

Diabetes is waking up in the middle of the floor covered in bruises and rug burn because you fell asleep after taking insulin but before eating the food that you took the insulin for, and your blood sugar crashed, causing you to fall off the couch and have a seizure.

Diabetes is having to decide whether there is enough insulin to last until you get paid or whether you will skip a meal or two so that you can take less insulin and save money on groceries.

Diabetes is not getting enough sleep because your blood sugar was too high, meaning that you got out of bed to go to the bathroom multiple times, or too low, meaning that you got out of bed to treat the low and then stayed awake to be sure it didn’t go low again.

Diabetes is going to a trendy eating place and discovering they don’t serve diet drinks because “aspartame is poison” and having them tell you to drink orange juice instead.

Diabetes is finding out that your kidneys or eyesight or digestive system or circulation is failing after you’ve lived with the disease for decades.

Diabetes is having people say “So lose weight and it will go away” or “Your kid got that because you fed them too much sugar”.

Diabetes is living every day with a disease that you know could shorten your lifespan while politicians blame people who have your disease for costing the health care system money, as if it’s your fault your immune system decided to attack you.

The lack of diversity no one talks about:

Characters with:

- Epilepsy

- Diabetes 

- Psoriasis

- Rheumatoid Arthritis

- Inflammatory bowel disease (crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis)

- Cystic Fibrosis

- Celiac Disease

- Hypothyroidism/Goiter

- Hyperthyroidism 

- Asthma 

- Paramyloidosis

- Sarcoidosis

- Multiple Sclerosis

- Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

- Spina bifida

- Lupus 

And many more.

Dear All Diabetics:

I feel like this isnt talked about at all really, so im just gonna say it-

Im here for the diabetics who are not so “diabadass.” The ones who

•ask family members or friends to do their injections/sites etc for them because they cant find the courage to do it themselves

•hesitate before inserting needles into their body

•are afraid of needles or blood yet must face it multiple times a day

•get anxiety over their sugars not being “normal” or “good enough”

•get anxiety over visiting their endo

•feel as if theyre a “bad diabetic”

•feel like theyre different from or dont fit in with other people around them because of their disease

•dont like talking about diabetes

•feel like they can’t complain about their disease because someone will say the infamous “at least its not cancer etc! !1!1!!!” line

•are sick of society not understanding diabetes and constantly being compared to someone’s grandparent, a pet, or something like a cupcake (etc)

(Feel free to add to this if you’d like)

All of these things are OK. You are never alone in your fight, and just because you have diabetes, diabetes does n o t have you. You are more than your illness, and even if you are afraid sometimes, you can and will win this fight. No matter what, remember, YOU ARE A DIABADASS ♡

******P.S. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BEING A “BAD DIABETIC” !!!! yes diabetes IS bad, but you are most definitely not bad because of it!!!!! Dont let anyone tell you otherwise. (Please message me if you need to talk, i will 1000% understand what youre going through my friend!)

Friendly reminder from a type one diabetic to NOT use the “OMG I’M GONNA GET DIABEETUS” jokes as a response to anything (pictures of unhealthy food, favorite fanfictions, etc.) because:
1) It’s pretty offensive. I’m not overly offended personally because this joke doesn’t Target type one diabetes, but type two (and type one) diabetes imposes serious health risks. It’s not ok to make fun of that.
2) It spreads misinformation. Type one and type two diabetes are very different, but you don’t get either type from one unhealthy meal. Furthermore, I don’t need people who only know the diabeetus meme telling me “You can’t eat that! You’re diabetic!”. I promise I understand how my disease works.
3) It’s 2017. The joke has died out, I promise!

Does anyone else ever like, forget they’re diabetic for a minute? Like I’ll be halfway done deepthroating a cupcake, then I’m like “oh shit I didn’t take insulin!” But then I also remember that the literal antichrist is our president and were all gonna die anyway, none of this is real and nothing truly matters? No? Just me huh?

Dear Dystopian Writers,

I am diabetic and I do not want to die. I am a fighter, a survivor if you will. I’m not sure HOW LONG I would last in a dystopian world but there is one thing I am positive of: I would NEVER be the flat character in your stories that is like “I’m going to die anyway so please just leave me behind.”


1) It’s just as inevitable for me to die as it is any of the other people there.

2) Even if I AM going to die, I’m not going to just stand there and let it happen faster. I want to live! Isn’t that in human nature? Just because I have a disability (in this case, diabetes) does not mean I won’t go down fighting.

3) NO ONE EVER WANTS TO BE LEFT BEHIND! Like my goodness! “Oh, go on. I’ll just wait here while the zombie hoard catches up…. and I’m alone… and it’s nighttime… in the woods… where there are also crazed maniacs with guns.” Who in their right mind would want to be left behind by themselves in an apocalypse!?

4) I would rather die because I was trying to live and my disability got in the way, than give up on life because I have a disability.

5) I am human. I care about myself and those around me. I want the world to be a better place. And I want to live a happy life.

So please please please! Stop using disability characters as instant sympathy grabbers. If you want people to feel for them when they die then make them worth feeling for. Make them the character that everyone loves. And make them independent! Unless they received the disability IN the apocalypse they should know how to take care of themselves. They’ll have to make adjustments but all of your characters have to do that so why should they be any different?

If you don’t know how to make a normal disability character then talk to someone with a disability. Or take constructive criticism from people with that disability after you’ve written the character. Or simply don’t make that character have a disability.

You are more than your disease.

You are more than your disease.

I know it may not feel like it, but it’s true.
You have hopes, dreams, and characteristics besides your diagnoses.

I know at least two,
you are STRONG and you are BRAVE.

You are more than your disease.