Dia-De Los-Muertos

dearest white friends,

my culture is not to be used for your costume. dia de los muertos isn’t halloween, so stop painting sugar skulls on your face for a costume. stop telling me to calm down when i get angry about you appropriating my culture. “calm down, seb, i have nothing against it”, okay, but you’re offending me, my parents, and my grandma who crawls on her knees every year to the church for day of the dead. i love you, but you need to stop stealing my culture. 


your mexican friend

“I wish people would calm down about Pixar’s upcoming film Coco, I get that people is upset because its Disney and it will of course make more money, but as a Latina myself, I am excited. Is pretty obvious that they got inspiration from The Book of Life, but can you blame them? The Day of the Death is fantastic, is full of life an color that is imposible to not get inspire by it. I have not really celebrated it since I moved to Texas, and it makes me even more excited for Coco.”

I originally started this as a sort of pseudo-wedding gift for my best friend, but I put it aside because I had a lot of other things going on at the time. BUT I GUESS IT’S AARON’S BIRTHDAY, so I took a few hours to put this together. Based lightly off of the mariachi band that had played at their wedding.

I like the guy on the far left. He looks like he’s just happy to be there.

“While I never had high expectations for Pixar’s Coco, seeing how Disney tried to trademark Dia de los Meurtos as well as the rumor that Disney had been one of the studios that turned down Book of Life for being centered on Mexican culture, any hopes I had for the movie were crushed. To me, Coco looks like Disney’s way of trying to cash grab on the success of Book of Life without any of the heart that BoK had, and for that I hope it flops hard.”