Dia’ De Los Muertos


Sleeping Unoa Lusis par Leilah

Sorry if this is a bit long, im just mad

I come from a 100% Mexican background. My mother was born in Mexico, as was my father. No other heritage.

There have been pasty ass white people that approach me, grab my arm, pull me aside, and ask “honey, where are your parents?”

99% of the time, they don’t believe me when I point out my mother. I look a lot more like my father, honestly, and my skin isn’t as dark as my mother’s. Most of the time, people either believe that I’m lost or I was adopted.

People think it’s funny to say “Ooooh the cops are here for you, Liz” when they hear cop cars.

They think it’s funny to ask me to go to their party because ‘you have the good stuff’.

They think it’s funny to ask me to their cinco de mayo party.

Or to ask me to draw them a sugar skull for Dia De Los Muertos.

My older sister has a LARGE tattoo on her shoulder depicting a painted skull. Under it, there’s the date of my great grandfather’s death.

Do you know what those pasty ass white people do?

“Oh! That’s so pretty! I want one too!”

“Celebrating your heritage, I see.”

Yet they forget that Dia De Los Muertos is a day to remember lost loved ones, and try inviting me and my older sister to pARTIES.

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