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Interview with Regi, Diablo and Deyvron from Criminalz Crew

Merci Mes Bebe <3

Since I never had anytime to get the Criminalz anything as a gift, I hip up Karina really quick and ask her to make me somethin for them to sign. Within a day, God bless her heart with her busy schedule, she sent me this and three more works. This was was a winner and I had it printed in a shop. I watermarked it in case ;]

SOOOO when I got this to them to sign it, they all look at it this printed thing and immediately they said “Wow it’s beautiful” Plus before I had told them ‘I have somethin for you to see and sign’ they were like sure sure yes and I was like 'Okay I’ll get it in a min' 

Regi saw it and seriously loved it. He asked me who I am, and this is when I actually became 100% sure tht they know who I am, I said I am Dina. He asked me to spell it for him and I go “You already have signed a poster for me. I’m Dina” As soon as I said tht his head cocked to the side and he put his hand on my shoulder and said, deep from his heart, “Ooooh Dina!” I cheesed at him so hard. I wanted to say I am tht gurl who asked a lot of questions’ tht he said “I remember you. I was with uuuh Nicole” and I said “Yes yes”. As he was signin it I still wanted to say 'I am tht gurl who has your pic as her wallpaper’ and much more about myself but the way he realized who I am told me tht he knows eryyythang ;] So I relaxed. BUTT I don’t know how I didn’t say 'You know the gurl tht drew you! Yea she is the one who made this’ ugh I’m sorry Karina. 

When I gave this to Dev, who was like 3 steps away from Regi and I haha, He just kind of took it out of my hand and saw tht Regi has signed it. And I go “Nooo” in my whinin voice and he looked up like 'uh oh crazy gurl alert’ haha I tell him “Dev you have to look at it first” I said with authority (IDEK) He took a minute to come back to life lol. I flipped the paper around and he looked down. Now let me tell you how cutely this man actually took a couple of seconds to take in the picture and the work. He then said “It’s amazing” I started talkin “Thank you. I didn’t have anytime to buy you guys any gifts, so I told my friend from Russia to make this for me and she made this. Really this is for you and me. You see I got this for you and you sign it for me.” He smiled a lil then he goes “Why is Regi’s face here?” He meant why is his face in the middle and is so huge lmao. I laughed and kinda shrugged at the question while thinkin 'Oh my God, what do I say now?’ and he continued “I am more beautiful than Regi” he said as he walked away lmao he was not havin this. He said “no go make another one I don’t want this”. I started laughin and go “No listen you are right here and you are doin the sign so really…” He wouldn’t accept though, but he was jokin. We had a good laugh and Regi was just standin behind us just watchin as Laura did. But I was kind of like well you know…EYE mean it’s Regi man, It’s Regi. He set it on the speaker and started signin, the speaker was so strong tht I felt the vibrates, he caught on to it and turned the music down. Then we talked.

Dev took this to Laura and went like “NO…You have to see first” Boi I was dead laughin and felt so proud. Dev is just amazin man I can’t describe. When Laura signed this we (All three of them) had a good conversation about myself, Tumblr, Paris and Criminalz. And they would say things tht made my heart die and come back to life.

It was just amazebells. Next time I HAVE TO be ready. I NEED TO have gifts for them ready. Even though they were kind of like you don’t even need to bring gifts, I still need to. 

This was a small gesture but I know it was significant enough to make them happy. Thank you Karina.


Regi: “It was hard to bring something people are not used to seeing. So it was a good experiment today.” [x]

They asked each crew and the judges about the battle. The concern of basically the entire even was tht the groups didn’t have “crew dance” and were individual dancers. The criminalz def were in a separate room than the judges but it was so funny to me tht this was the crew’s reaction about what UK thought of them. Lmao I actually laughed so much about this. I love these guys. 


Deyvron/ Reginal Criminalz Crew (by boudifatiha)