i know i’m not going to do anything with these photos but i thought it was really beautiful how the young girl (jordan) was looking up at the statue and making eye contact with her as though she was having a connection with this strong, beautiful and heroic woman that she she was in awe of and wanted to grow up to be one day, and then bowing her head as if in respect. idk it was a really interesting and beautiful thing to look at, like a really poetic moment i’m glad i managed to catch

The Pentax K10d was often criticized for its noise, especially at ISO settings over 400.  This photo shows that those criticisms weren’t fully true.  The key was getting the exposure correct and minimizing the adjustments needed in Post-processing. The photo was hand-held without flash per the museum requirements.

The image above was from an exhibit at San Francisco’s de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park by Dale Chihuly, a famous glass artist from Tacoma.  He is famous for art like the above, but this exhibit was unique in that it was presented in the dark, independent of its surroundings.

The piece above was one of the centerpieces of the exhibit.  It consisted of two full sized rowboats full of glass spheres.  The overall exhibit was on the order of 20 feet long and quite impressive.

I loved that exhibit for two reasons: 1. The art was fantastic, unique, and beautiful, and 2. It was the moment when I felt like I gained full control over my camera.