You might die, but if you do, I would rather have us be together, the way we were always meant to be, for as long as possible, and if something horrible happens, well then, I would rather my girls have the opportunity to see what true love looks like. I don’t ever want to protect them from that, even if it ends. You are not going to be able to protect us from the pain of this. You’re just not. So let’s at least experience the joy of whatever life has to offer for us right now. Please stop fighting me. Fight for us. We screwed this thing up a million times but we’re not gonna do that now.
—  Rayna to Deacon, Nashville, I Can’t Keep Away From You


“The famous triple decker cheeseburger… inspired Here I Go Again.”

“Which by the way, we wrote right here on this floor like so many others – Baby I Don’t Mind, I Shouldn’t Love You, Take a Walk…”