I’ve seen Deacon go through all of it and he always comes up stronger than he was before. He’s just incredible that way. He never gives up. And now, to be able to feel that strength in my life everyday, and to see him be in that way with our children, and to know that he’s the best father that they could ever ask for…and the best part about it is that I know he’s never gonna give up on me or on my girls…or on our record, or any other damn thing I drag him into. He’s gonna be there. I’m pretty lucky.

– (Rayna Jaymes, 5x11)

Can we just have a Luke Wheeler appreciation post for a second.

How he’s worked so hard and come so far with his relationship with Colt. How he looked after Juliette, got her into rehab and then basically broke Avery and Layla up by telling Avery the truth about Layla. How he fired that asshat manager because he was against Luke fighting for Will. How Will finally got to a place of self acceptance and pride only because he had Luke fighting for him and supporting him every step of the way. Luke Wheeler. Who was initially supposed to be just another roadblock in between Rayna and Deacon. LUKE FUCKING WHEELER.


Showing some (not all, believe me) past and present couples that I latched onto for various reasons but 9 times out of 10 it’s how they look(ed) at each other that showed me they were destined for love, falling in love, or just head-over-heels-over-the-river-and-through-the-woods in love.   We all know that moment we long for and how we wait patiently/impatiently for it to happen with a pairing, and we get excited for it.  Whether they know it now but don’t act on it, whether they knew it then and did act on it, whether they were reunited, still together, or torn apart forever tragically, at one point or another the stars aligned for all of these couples and my love affair with them began and still holds to this day.

I can always tell when a couple is starting to fall in love by the way they lock eyes and there’s that moment, maybe seconds, maybe longer, where they’re both linked together, or shall I say, stuck in a perpetual gravitational pull that the body has no control over and they literally stand there with that longing gaze (you know the one), incapable of moving because their eyes are affixed like glue to each other and they just have to wait until they spontaneously snap out of it, clear their throat as if that helps anything at all, and then proceed to look away and pretend it didn’t happen; that is, until the next time it does.

One may not feel the same about all these couples as I do, but if you do for even one of them, you know exactly what I am talking about.