Dexter Season 4 Finale

I was so not prepared, emotionally and mentally, for the shit storm that was about to happen in the ending of the season 4 finale.
When Dex got home and got a voicemail from Rita, I was like okay. Then when he called her back and there was another phone ringing in the room I was “huh? Wtf is going on.”, “oh she’s here.”, “Wait. But why is the house empty and quiet?”
Thats when a baby cried.
I was like, omg HARRISON.
Oh my god, the noise I made when I saw baby Harrison sitting in a pool of blood.
Then I just lost it when I saw Rita in the bathtub. With blood EVERYWHERE.

“Born in blood. Both of us.” — Dexter Morgan

I spent 2 fucking hours crawled up in a ball sobbing and trying to make sense of what had happened.
I mean, who the fuck killed her?! Arthur fucking Mitchell?!? Because the last time I checked he was cruising out of town. Like, what the double fuckity fuck right? But then again the scene does look like Trinity’s bath tub murder.

UGH. I can’t believe she died! She made Dexter so happy!! And Harrison! Oh lawdy! He watched his mom die!!!!! Like father like son.

I don’t think I can move on.

Little bit of a rant. SPOILERS FOR DEXTER So I just recently got around to watching Dexter (The show), and I love it. I honestly love everything about it. But I recently, 20 seconds ago, just finished the fourth season. HOW DO I COPE? I mean I just watched Rita die, and Dexter’s face when he saw it. And Harrison, his son, sitting there in his mothers blood. It was all so tragic. It makes me wonder if there’s not something in Dexter that didn’t break all over again when he saw it. I can imagine it would. I think people see him as such a monster, but in that moment he was just a father looking out for his son, just a husband, shocked by his wife’s murder, and just a son, looking to fulfill his fathers “Code”. It’s really sad because in the end all he wanted was a normal life, but before he could try he was told (By himself and his dad) that he could never have that. AND HOW COULD RITA DIE? Like fucking REALLY? I loved Rita, and she put up with all Dexter’s shit so well. I’m gonna miss her. Damn I’m crying again. So there’s my rant.