Todd pointed up into the dark sky, “Alright, now that one is called, Orion.  You can find him best if you look for his belt.”  He looked down at Kayleigh and Anthony as they both looked up into the sky.  Todd looked back up and pointed to another star, “That one is-” He was cut off by Anthony patting at his cheeks.  Anthony pulls closer and giggled, putting his hands over Todd’s mouth.

“I love talking about starts dad, but it’s about to start!” He pulled away still giggling as he looked up into the dark sky.  Kayleigh leaned back onto her elbows as the first firework shot up into the sky.  It shot with a loud, delayed boom.  Anthony jumped slightly and smiled letting out “oo’s and ahs.”

After the Firework show was over Devin was the first to stand up.  He started to tug at the blanket under them.  "It’s late and we all need sleep.  Lets get everything and go.“  Anthony got up and started to pick up his stuff and put them into the small backpack they had brought.  Todd helped Devin fold the blanket while Kayleigh rolled off onto the grass and continued her slumber that she started in the middle of the show.

Todd bent down and roused Kayleigh, holding onto her lazy grip with his hand when she stood up.  Once they were all packed Anthony walked up to Todd and slightly groped up at the sky, "Dad, I want up!” He said a little but too childishly and Todd picked him up and put him onto his shoulders.  As they all began to walk back to the car Anthony would look up once in a while to look at the missed fireworks being shot off.