Devin Lytle


character aesthetics // Buzzfeed Cryptid Fanfic

Ryan Bergara = ghost huntin’ vlogger

Shane Madej = nightmare

Eugene Lee Yang = incubus/succubus

Zach Kornfeld = werewolf

Ned & Ariel Fulmer = each-uisge & mermaid

Keith Habersberger = were-bigfoot

Chantel Houston = gorgon

Freddie Ransome = sylph

Kristin Chirico = banshee

Jen Ruggirello = angel

Devin Lytle = seelie

Steven Lim & Andrew Ilnyckyj = human & poltergeist


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The Starkid women are my role models, not just because they’re strong, independent, talented women pursuing their dreams in a career field I one day hope to join, but because they offer a wide representation and diversity in their media.

Lauren Lopez is Latina.

Lauren Walker is African American.

Meredith Stepien is not afraid to rock her natural curls.

Jaime Lyn Beatty dyes her hair and experiments with different styles.

Devin Lytle is a stick.

Julia Albain is curvy.

Rachel Soglin is short and brunette.

Denise Donovan is tall and blonde.

And none of them try to hide it. They’re all amazing and quirky and true to themselves, proving that you don’t have to be model flawless or artificial to make it in this business. And to young, impressionable minds, it’s more important than anything else that they can identify with positive roll models in their dream careers. It’s encouraging. I love the Starkid women.

devlytle: Are we still doing this #HarryPotter20 thing? Whatever, I got one more blurry pic from school. This was our curtain call after our first show together. Back in the day, we used to perform on Thursday at 7, Friday at 7 & 11, and Saturday at 7, but because it kept selling out we added another show on Saturday night and then partied all night long. Ahh to be 19 again …

If we’re gonna talk under appreciated starkid women, let’s talk

Devin Lytle, Bonnie Gruesen, Alle-Faye Monk, Elona Finlay, Tiffany Williams, Arielle Goldman, Ali Gordon, Lily Marks, Jamie Burns, Julia Albain, Lauren Walker, and Sango Tajima.

They’re all beautiful, they’re all talented, they all deserve more love.

aww thank you!!! and also AWWW HELLLLL YEAH
- as i have said before, ladylike is definitely the cheerleading team. devin is the captain - safiya was originally the captain but when she transferred to an overpriced prep school and freddie (wisely) refused to take the job, devin stepped up. she doesn’t really keep people in line and she’s kind of a mess but everyone likes her so it’s okay.
- freddie is second in charge and she’s everybodys best friend. if you ask everyone separately who their fave team mate is (besides themself) they all say freddie. she’s funny and stylish and sassy and she loves everyone. (if you asked her who her fave was, she would say safiya. upon further pressing, she would say chanti.)
- kristin is the resident mom friend. she looks out for everyone and checks in on them when they’re sad or sick and makes them soup. she’s so good everyone loves kristin
- JEN IS A LITTLE PUNK. she’s so funny and crazy and she can’t sit still for her fucking life. she wears leather jackets over her cheer uniform and devin tries and fails to yell at her. she’s also the resident big ole lesbian and will often put live frogs, skunks, and bugs into the locker of any person who talks shit about any of her friends or lgbt community.
- chanti. everyone fucking loves her she’s the best. not only is she the most flexible and talented on the team (she and jen are always the ones being tossed and she always does all the splits and stuff) but she’s also just genuinely a good person. even tho she’s a little shady lowkey. she has receipts on receipts and she always shares them in the squad group chat (freddie saves them and jen writes weird responses like “ROFLCOPTER.” one time devin even removed her from the gc bc of that).
- chanti is kind of unseen for like the full first year of high school but at the end of the year freddie talks her into trying out for the team and everyone is.,, SHOOK
- this includes a little nerd named ashly perez
- she wears glasses and does all the homework assigned (and even some extra) and is absolutely head over heels for the newest cheerleader but. she’s so awkward she can’t Interact for fear.
- so over the summer between freshman and sophomore year, quinta throws a party and she (ashly’s nosiest friend) and fred (chantel’s nosiest friend) conspire to at Least have them talk to each other
- so they literally shove them at each other and ash spills her drink all over chanti and is blushing and stuttering and chantel is like “no worries!! it’s okay stop apologizing!!”
- they are Instant friends. they hit it off right away. they don’t really meld their friend groups or anything but like they’re really close and they talk and text all the fucking time. it’s ridiculous that they’re not dating and the cheerleaders and ashlys friends are all so tired of it.
- so one day ashly is complaining to quinta like “UGH she’s so pretty and wonderful but she would never go for a nerd like me ://////” and quinta is like “ash stfu. i’ll give u a makeover tho if u want.”
- so she does and the next day ashly walks in, very sandy from grease, contacts in and hair down and everything
- and chantel smiles and is like “you look so good!!!” but her smiles isn’t reaching her eyes and
- ash is like “??? what’s wrong????” and chantel is like “well… it’s just… you love your glasses and…. you look really good but you don’t usually like stuff like this and…. are you comfortable? i want you to be comfy and happy and - ”
- ash kisses her on the mouth
- from that day on they are a Power Couple…. rule the school….. actually prom queens….. loves of each other’s lives…..
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