Okay, I offered him some pasta and asked if my music was disturbing him and he said no thank you and that it wasn't.

I’m off the hook. :’)

Also my mum just got home, walked in, smiled and said, “music!” because I usually don’t listen to my music out loud. Then she came back a second later and this happened:

Mum: What are you listening to?
[Complicated Situation playing]
Me: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
Mum: Ohh.
Me: Have you heard of them?
Mum: No, but I quite like this type of thing, harmonicas and guitars. [mimes playing both instruments]
Me: Yay! So you like it?
Mum: Yes, it’s a bit like what I used to listened to, not just the Rolling Stones, but Bob Dylan and stuff… Well anyway, I’m going to watch TV.
Me: Okay, and don’t worry, I’ll be gone in a minute.
Mum: No that’s okay, I’m not much into Dancing With The Stars, it’s just something to do.

Then she came back a few minutes later.

[Devil’s Waitin’ playing]
Mum: That’s nice. But the problem is I’d really have to concentrate on the lyrics… like always.
Me: Awh.
Mum: But no, that’s very nice. Who is again?
Me: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
Mum: Black who Club?
Me: [laughs] Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
Mum: It’s funny, it doesn’t sound like motor… clubs. (I think she mean’t motorcycles). They’re like [makes motorbike noises], very noisy, you know? So, since when have they been around?
Me: Their first album came out around 2000 I think. 
Mum: Ahh, yeah… long after my time. Where are they from?
Me: America.
Mum: Mm! Look, Willow likes it too. [points to Willow sleeping on chair]

Eeeee! ^__^ So happy right now. I’m going to lend her Howl, which contains the two songs she commented on, and is one of my all time favourite albums ever.

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Devil’s Waiting - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

This song is just beautiful.


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Devil’s Waitin’