Okay, I offered him some pasta and asked if my music was disturbing him and he said no thank you and that it wasn't.

I’m off the hook. :’)

Also my mum just got home, walked in, smiled and said, “music!” because I usually don’t listen to my music out loud. Then she came back a second later and this happened:

Mum: What are you listening to?
[Complicated Situation playing]
Me: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
Mum: Ohh.
Me: Have you heard of them?
Mum: No, but I quite like this type of thing, harmonicas and guitars. [mimes playing both instruments]
Me: Yay! So you like it?
Mum: Yes, it’s a bit like what I used to listened to, not just the Rolling Stones, but Bob Dylan and stuff… Well anyway, I’m going to watch TV.
Me: Okay, and don’t worry, I’ll be gone in a minute.
Mum: No that’s okay, I’m not much into Dancing With The Stars, it’s just something to do.

Then she came back a few minutes later.

[Devil’s Waitin’ playing]
Mum: That’s nice. But the problem is I’d really have to concentrate on the lyrics… like always.
Me: Awh.
Mum: But no, that’s very nice. Who is again?
Me: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
Mum: Black who Club?
Me: [laughs] Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
Mum: It’s funny, it doesn’t sound like motor… clubs. (I think she mean’t motorcycles). They’re like [makes motorbike noises], very noisy, you know? So, since when have they been around?
Me: Their first album came out around 2000 I think. 
Mum: Ahh, yeah… long after my time. Where are they from?
Me: America.
Mum: Mm! Look, Willow likes it too. [points to Willow sleeping on chair]

Eeeee! ^__^ So happy right now. I’m going to lend her Howl, which contains the two songs she commented on, and is one of my all time favourite albums ever.

  • Devil's Waitin'
  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  • Howl

They say I might die and I may be cold.

I may have no Jesus, I may have no soul.

In prison, I hear there’s time to be good, but the first thing you see is the last thing you should.

I’m born and weary but life’s just begun, and I’ve run from the reasons and run to the gun.

They say I’m the killer and thy will be done, and the doors won’t be open when I finally become…

They say there’s a passing where all stand to judge, but the devil’s a waitin’ with Christ like a son.
When the look comes your way,best say “Was I”, for the reasons you hold give reasons to die.

Watch on

Devil’s Waiting - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

This song is just beautiful.


  1. Hell / Squirrel Nut Zippers
  2. Way Down In The Hole / Tom Waits
  3. Sympathy For The Devil / The Rolling Stones
  4. Loverman / Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  5. Heathen Child / Grinderman
  6. Devil’s Haircut / Beck
  7. Mutiny In Heaven / The Birthday Party 
  8. A Devil In The Woods / The Gun Club
  9. River Of Blood / The Black Angels
  10. Aloha From Hell / The Cramps
  11. Up Jumped The Devil / Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  12. The Devil / PJ Harvey
  13. Play With Fire / The Rolling Stones
  14. Devil’s Waitin’ / BRMC
  15. Didn’t Leave Nobody But The Baby / Emmylou Harris
  16. Devil’s Spoke / Laura Marling
  17. Catch Hell Blues / The White Stripes
  18. I Know His Blood Can Make Me Whole / Blind Willie Johnson