On the post of the bottom of that peculiar romance box…with skeleton cats

omegadalek said: This is so adorable! It’s like they’re bonding over their shared love of cats. Aw, I’m glad to see that they got together in the end.

Thanks!! I had to give them a happy ending of some sort because, darn it, they were trying soooo hard. Of course, by being on the bottom of box it might get missed by people. Then again, I’m the only one to have held the box anyway!


Although I had to miss many of the Halloween/Samhain festivities in Salem this weekend because I’ve been battling a terrible cold. Hearing that these folks were just down the street inspired me to grab a sharpie, grab my mask, and do the good work.
Considering these guys are in Salem every year, I think I’ve found a new annual tradition.