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Fellow Artists;
Know your worth! A comic page takes hours of work and you should be appropriately paid for it. If you like the idea of a comic’s idea and want to volunteer your time, by all means, go for it, but don’t let someone tell you that your time and work are worth less than ten cents. 

People Seeking Artists:
Know the worth of what you’re asking. If you’re looking for volunteers, just say that. Don’t beat around the bush, and by all means, do NOT insinuate that an artist’s work is worth less than ten cents. 
If you want to find dedicated artists who are willing to help you, offer them something. Offer input on the project. Offer them a free copy. Offer them something in exchange for all their hard work and dedication.

Also, young/beginning artists, here are a few other resources for you:
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My first commissioned piece over the internet! Wooooo! (besides Shadow-kissedvamp, I mean like first person I don’t know commissioned me)

Commission for Snakeman12 on deviantART, I’m so happy!
This is a character ref for their character Enzo, and their Kwami Ercuu, Enzo is like the antiHawkmoth, in which he wants to stop Hawkmoth from what he’s doing currently.
Enzo, is a gentleman, very confident and ideal, which his Kwami, Ercuu, though very bitter and sullen, looks up to Enzo for that. Ercuu also helps Enzo solely because he wants all the danger to be over.
Enzo Miraculous is a pin that goes over his heart. It’s completely black in civilian form and becomes white gold when in use.

I had so much fun creating this character! I love characters exactly like this, they are the best to draw, and I love the design of Ercuu the Kwami, as well as Enzo.