A page of sketches I did recently in ProCreate. I was going to finish filling the page before posting, but I figure I’ll just share what I have so far. I was inspired to try a bunch of clustered sketches by alexinatree‘s beautiful sketchbook posts. This pretty much ended up being a few random characters with a bunch of Naddie exploration in the middle and bottom left. I definitely have my favorites of this bunch, and I think I know now what I want to adjust on the front facing version of my w.i.p. character model tomorrow when I finally get to work on my portfolio stuff again! 

The Golden State Warriors are in the NBA Finals for the first time since 1975.  A month before they made it to the finals, NBC had just announced they were developing a late night sketch comedy show to replace the Saturday Night reruns of “Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson”.  A show that would be called “NBC’s Saturday Night”, which would then go on to be named “Saturday Night Live”.  Yep, the last time the Warriors were in the NBA finals, SNL hadn’t even aired yet!

“Trial Drawings No. 1. These were trial sketches of A Bride’s Story that I did before it got its place as  a series. I drew all sorts of faces and clothes to see how they came out. These seem less like Central Asia and more like Georgia or Azerbaijan or some of the other Caucasus Mountains regions. ”

- pg. 130, Kaoru Mori: Anything and Something



Concept art produced around 1998 to 2000 for Hasbro toys.
Hasbro wanted to revamp their MY LITTLE PONY toys and conceptual art was produced as part of thethought process.
My proposal to move to a kind of Japanese animation style ruffled a few feathers at the time of presentation.  Hasbro considered the change too radical and would alienate their current loyal fan base. Kind of ironic when you consider the current style of My Little Pony. 

Very quick sketch of my Naddie girl done tonight in Sketchbook Pro. I guess the concept here could be summed up as “A family secret - the history they never told me.” Also, I feel like I am finally figuring out a method of concept sketching on the computer that works well with the way I visualize and process stuff, so yay! :) 


lol, holy crap I misposted to the wrong blog.

As referenced from this ask, here’s the side-project! The temp title is WRapunzel due to initial development reasons (yes when I think re-imaginings of Rapunzel I think of snakes/dragons).

The designs aren’t particularly finalized/refined (only the boring ¾ths view!) so feel free to give feedback.  I’m most interested in hearing about the possible romanceables (though I will note there are two secret ones, one is lithe, the other is bara).

Some of you who managed to find my porn blog might recognize one of the dragons. cough

Anyway, the basic premise is that you are the proud Heir in a line of guardians and it is up to you to choose your Champion. So yes they are all to some degree fighting for your approval.

Obviously there’s other details to that, but I hope that piques your interest! Back to the INoaMon content.

Life can be mundane. I need change.

P.S. Hey guys! Thanks for all the support. I’m feeling really encouraged through the messages I get. Since I’m pretty shy, I answer all of the ones that go straight to you, more than the anonymous ones. I’ll definitely answer the anonymous ones later when I start getting more comfortable talking online. Thanks again guys! 



Today we’re going to go through some of the developmental sketches that went into designing the Dream Eater temple grounds. The sketch above is for the Tower of the Dead. You’ll notice it’s somewhat different than the Central Temple.  For one, the Tower of the dead is octagonal, whereas the Central Temple is square in its base. There’s a reason for this. One that we’ll actually, for once, touch on in a future chapter. (I know – world exposition…my nemesis. Even I cannot refuse it forever.) So I’m not going to go into it here, but for those of you that like how architecture reflects history, I hope you look forward to that little connection. 


Next up is a map of the main grounds. This doesn’t include the infirmary, orchard, farming fields, Tower of the Dead, or guest house, but it does cover the majority of the installations. This was one of the later revisions, (I made several maps) and it is (mostly) unchanged relative to the final version, although the Central Temple is the wrong shape and some of the placement for the Dojo is different. Not that it would be called a Dojo in this world. In part because they have no “d” or “j” sounds. “Tozho” would probably be the closest equivalent, if I was to do a phonetic conversion…and that IS tempting, just to be lazy. (As a side note, I went through an entire process of combining words from my Pamaru lexicon to develop a word for “teacher” so I wouldn’t use “Sifu” as was my knee-jerk desire, having attended a Tai Chi & Kung Fu school for a couple years…and ended up with “Viku” which sounds a heck of a lot like “Sifu” anyway. BUT IT’S BASED ON REAL FAKE WORD COMBINATIONS, GOSH DARN IT!)


Torii gates I’ve always found absolutely fascinating and beautiful, so I knew I wanted to incorporate a lot of that same design feel. The Fushimi Inari Shrine that I visited in Japan had a particularly strong impact on me. Especially since we went to it on a misty and spooky day, and it had this incredible feeling about it, as though you were passing through these tunnels of gates into another world. Hence the front gate at the entrance to the temple.


I also wanted to incorporate Rakaros in much the same fashion as Asia-continent dragons and fu dogs were in many temples that I visited. Statues at gates, fountains, and incorporated into columns and roof-tops. We’ll be seeing more of those close-up elements later on, but for now, here’s some of the concept art:

Hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of the Dream Eater temple! See you all on Monday!