FCB Family!

I wanted to do a Barça Family since a long time ago and I finally got the time to do it and so here is it (x) There are the actual Barça players (and Puyi bc he is our capi and I cannot accpet the fact that he won’t play anymore) and I will add more players, the coach, wags, footballers’ sons, etc if it gets enough people (◕‿◕✿)  

How to join:

  • reblog this so more people could see it
  • check who is free here
  • message me telling who do you wanna be
  • if you don’t see someone you want (like what I said before) tell me and I’ll add it
  • it’s not necessary be following me but I would be rlly thankful
  • put a link to the page somewhere in your blog so more people could see it

Please share this with your friends and follower so the family would be bigger♥