Monster High: Date Night with Cleo De Nile and Deuce Gorgon

This was an INSANE amount of fun to design <3 I’m really happy with how they both came out! I just think the boys need some more classy outfits–or just outfits in general so I’m gunna do some Date Night stuff as an excuse to draw them being dapper! Deuce might not be my favourite boy but as a huge fan of snakes and mohawks, I had to start with him and Cleo~


Got a couple of pics from the ONE photoshoot I managed to have at Fanime!

So as you can see, Cupid’s not technically finished. I didn’t get to finish all of my accessories, and the body paint was a bust that day, so I decided to forego it and just do natural skintone. Also, I changed out early because I'me dumb and wear a lot of uncomfortable shoes. But overall, I think it looks really good and I’m really proud!

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The male students at Monster High like their fright-time too, and this pack brings together beast friends Gillington Gil Webber and Deuce Gorgon - for the first time! - to enjoy their own mansters night in. The son of the River Monster and son of Medusa are ready to battle it out over their favorite board game - who will reign victorious on boys night? Themed pieces allow for freaky fun game play. Plus, both characters are ready to fang in signature-style looks. Deuce Gorgon doll looks killer in striped pants, graphic tee, kicks and iconic red glasses. Gillington Gil Webber doll makes a splash in gray pants and a baseball shirt paired with flip-flops and signature helmet. The two are sure to have monster fun on mansters night! Set includes Gillington Gil Webber and Deuce Gorgon dolls, board game and additional themed accessories