Ayrton Senna leading the Detroit Grand Prix, with the Renaissance Center looming in the background. 

From 1982 to 1988, Detroit was an annual stop on the Formula One racing circuit. The street course was considered one of the toughest on the circuit and even featured a railroad crossing.  Senna was the winner of the last three F1 races in Detroit, from 1986 to 1988.

From the book, “Postcards From Detroit: Remembering Formula 1 in the Motor City” by Roger Hart

Williams Wednesday … what we miss … epic liveries

Nelson Piquet, Canon Williams-Honda FW11B, 1987 Detroit Grand Prix

the white, yellow & blue livery used during the 9 year partnership between Williams F1 & Canon from ‘85 until '93 is one of the most epic liveries in F1, right up there next to JPS with Lotus & Marlboro with McLaren

Council Is Not For Windsor

Council Is Not For Windsor @DrewDilkens #YQG #WindsorPoli

By Robert Tuomi (WINDSOR, ON) – After living almost a year with the junior version of a despotic mayor, there are some in the city who ceremoniously, as in moaning, find fault with the actions of ineffective councillor, and now interim mayor, Drew Dilkens. They just do not understand that being mayor of Windsor is not about doing things for Windsor. It is all about doing things for the mayor.…

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Ferrari Friday … religion

Didier Pironi, Ferrari 126C2, 1982 Detroit Grand Prix

‘82 was the inaugral event for Detroit, it would stay on the calendar until 1988, largely unchanged in its layout
except the part near the Christ Church (pictured), which featured a hairpin during its first year, it wouldn’t return in '83 because the drivers thought it was too tight for F1
for this reason the above picture is quite special, showing Pironi turning right at the church where most pictures (from following years) will show drivers negotiating what was to become a sweeping lefthander
Treasure of the Sierra eBay: Merkur XR4Ti Pace Car for Sale

Thanks to Alan Mulally’s “One Ford” initiative, you can go out right now and buy a Focus that’s largely identical to the one your cousin Miroslav picked up last week in Novi Sad. But it wasn’t always that way. The Euro Fords to land on our shores were sparse and not always well-received. Case in […]