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Because I love this child and he needs more love, especially his relationship with Yuuri ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

While Phichit is an incredibly friendly lovable cinnamon roll, he won’t stand for anything threatening his best friend Yuuri, even if the threat happens to be someone Yuuri loves. Yuuri clearly adores the Victor he knows now (just as much as he idolized the distant figure in the past), but Phichit won’t forget how much Victor hurt Yuuri in the past, unintentional or not.

I headcanon that on top of being a skilled figure skater, Phichit is an academic genius who skipped grades and entered college in Detroit super early where he met Yuuri, which explains their long acquaintance despite the age difference. He is very, VERY protective of Yuuri. I’ll put up a more detailed headcanon post later (and if there’s interest, possibly prequel comic of pre-YOI anime Detroit college days).

Also, extra:

alita-blue replied to your photoset “PHICHIT-CENTRIC YOI COMIC??? Because I love this child and he needs…”

This was great. And yes to hearing about you Detroit HC

Thank you so much!! ;;A;;; I have a lot of Detroit HCs that explain more of why Phichit reacted the way he did here (tho I hope it was enough info to make sense by itself). Thank you for being interested in my silly ideas, it gives me a lot more confidence in posting them! ;A; (now to decide whether to do it all text or visual…)

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You Phichit comic is amazing!!!!!! There needs to be more Phichit centric stuff tbqh. And this comic seems very in character. Phichit seems the type to be very protective of the people he cares about. And if he thought someone had made Yuuri cry he'd make them live ton regret it. His friends are very important to him and he just wants them to be happy.

Ahhh thank you so much!! ;A; I’m really glad you liked it <3 <3 I personally don’t consider it too OOC either, but added the warning in case people consider only sunshine smiles Phichit to be canon ^ ^; This will be elaborated on more when I post Detroit HCs in the future, but I see him as the very protective type, but one who usually does it with friendly charm. In most situations, he’s capable of diffusing or deflecting tension and avoiding conflict with a smile. Victor is a very, very special case where Phichit can’t even pretend to smile because of the extent he hurt Yuuri in the past. And while Phichit is protective of all of his friends (and he can be a bit of a mom friend, so has lots of friends to protect under his wing), Yuuri’s a bit of a special case in that too.