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LGBT Artists

Written by: Maddie McVey

This year has been popularly declared “Twenty Gayteen,” and it’s clear to see why with so many great LGBT songs and albums being released. To celebrate, here’s a playlist of LGBT artists - many of whom are up and coming and deserve to be on your radar.

Hayley Kiyoko - He’ll Never Love You (HNLY)

We can’t make an LGBT playlist without including the girl being christened “Lesbian Jesus” by her fans! Hayley is on the path to becoming the first mainstream lesbian popstar in America - and she’s doing it one female-pronoun song lyric and wlw-themed music video at a time.

PVRIS - Same Soul

This incredible band is fronted by lesbian Lynn Gunn, who is always open to talk about her sexuality. She recently posed for Playboy to take a stand for all expressions of sexuality and to celebrate androgyny and different body types.

Kehlani - Honey

When this bisexual goddess dropped this next song on our playlist, girls swooned across the globe. Kehlani has only become more open about her sexuality as her career has gone on and often vocally supports other LGBT artists.

Kim Petras - Heart to Break

First gaining media attention for being one of the youngest people to undergo gender transition, years later Kim is back in the public eye for her vocal talent and super fun songs. The German singer is on course to make a splash in the scene and could possibly become the first mainstream trans popstar.

Years & Years - Sanctify

After literally “years and years” of waiting, this electro-pop band finally returned with the above song last month. Gay frontman Olly Alexander proudly puts his sexuality on display in the band’s music, writing songs prominently featuring male pronouns.

Halsey - Strangers

After her career skyrocketed in a matter of only a few years, Halsey was able to get a song featuring an honest portrayal of bisexuality on the mainstream radio with “Strange Love.” She also has another bisexual anthem in “Strangers,” which she made sure featured another bisexual girl, Lauren Jauregui, on accompanying vocals.

Alex Lahey - Awkward Exchange

This lesbian alt-rocker wrote a fantastic debut album full of songs that are relatable no matter your sexual orientation. Hailing from Australia, hopefully Alex can make just as big an impact promoting her catchy tunes in the States.

Angel Haze - Detox

It’s been years since this pansexual, gender-fluid rapper put out an official release, but her 2015 mixtape Back to the Woods is still just as powerful to listen to as it was when it came out. Keep your ears open for new music hopefully coming this year, sure to be just as bold and honest as her material in the past.

Now, Now - SGL

After years without any new music, the indie rock favorites returned as a duo with new songs a full album set to be released next month. One of these new tunes was “SGL,” which features lesbian frontwoman KC Dalager “starry-eyed” and longing for more out of her relationship.

Brockhampton - JUNKY

This boy band has broken boundaries in practically every category of what a “boy band” traditionally is - including what genre of music they create, how many members they have, and how they express sexuality in their lyrics (and even in their merch collections). Group leader Kevin Abstract has dropped several iconic, unapologetic verses about being gay in Brockhampton songs, and has helped create an LGBT atmosphere around the band.

Love for Trixie 💖👑

Since there’s a fair amount of divisiveness and shade going around right now, I thought it might be nice to make a little collection of queens congratulating Trixie; let’s focus on the positive. ✨

Please feel free to add your own screenshots to this post, I’m sure I missed some!