You’re looking at a British woman on camera, watching her movements through the static lines and washed-out colors of time. The year is 1994, and she says she didn’t kill her husband. The accused and her case are yours to sort through, sending you questing among databases of police footage and other data — if you can use a computer, you can do this work. You can uncover this story, you can play this game.

Sam Barlow’s upcoming Her Story is a game about a woman talking to the police. The player’s job isn’t simply to review fictional interview tapes and documents — it’s to understand her. Although the game has a vintage look and feel, it reflects a shift we’re seeing across many of our modern detective dramas and police procedurals: From whodunnit to portraiture, away from clues and forensics and toward character studies. Think shows like Top of the Lake, True Detective, or even the resurgent popularity of Twin Peaks.

“The thriller is different to the classic detective story because the detective in a thriller is also the victim — he’s part of the story,” says Barlow. “The struggles are frequently internal. We are interested in the psychology, the social pressures that surround the crimes.”

On a knowing and mystery.


自首。。。#探偵シリーズ 〜 さーちゃん

Surrender… #detectiveseries 〜 さーちゃん

On the night of the 2nd, where were you?

I am the culprit. 

Please answer me properly.

I’m the cul-

Please don’t change the subject. 

Like I sa-

Do you have an alibi?

No I don’t!!!

(thank you to kabocchi for pointing out mistake ☆)


Setlock news:

They’re definitely filming the night shoots at tyntesfield!

I did some detective work of my own. remember that post of Mark Gatiss’ on twitter a few days ago - well turns out it’s Lord wraxall’s teddy bear - from the nursery at Tyntesfield!  (x)

Update: Mark is a genius! “Mark Gatiss is a word player with mega game! “Sinister” means “left-handed” in Latin, ergo he’s saying “not the bear on the left”, i.e. the bear on the right is the clue, and, thanks to nixxie-fic’s brilliant sleuthing, there you have it! ” (By fuckyeahjohnlockfluff)

other Setlock news from today: (x)

"The satisfying thing about TV crime shows is that they offer a sense of closure. The unsatisfying thing is how much of life they must leave out to do it. Like, history. Whether you’re talking CSI or Sherlock, crime shows tend to take place in a weirdly hermetic universe where the characters may change — like in True Detective — yet the historical moment in which they live remains largely irrelevant background.

One exception is Foyle’s War, a terrifically entertaining British series about a masterful policeman, detective chief superintendent Christopher Foyle, that’s set during and shortly after World War II. The eighth and final season just ended in the UK and is now available — on disk and via streaming — from Acorn TV, where you can also see the preceding 25 episodes. I should warn you. If you start at the beginning, you’ll probably find yourself watching them all.”

- John Powers, Fresh Air critic at-large 

Fair Warning: Watch One ‘Foyle’s War’ Episode, And You’ll Want To Watch Them All