Destruction Arts

I have a confession,
I want veritas not variety in words,
but I am struggling to find the truth these days,
in this world we can find light but only in shade,
we are reading between the lines,
to grasp an alternative meaning,
that suits our bland tastes,
and it seems such a waste,
that the camera hides your sketchy eyes
and your growing nose,
that the papers are pathological,
when they should just be logical,
and 500k lawyers with convincing force,
should fight for the guilty with no remorse.
We are brainwashed with that right ideal,
a destruction of art or what doesn’t appeal,
to those grey faces in high places,
with silver spoons.
The companies that overcharge our daily latte,
their smiley haze conceals a capitalist persuasion,
and nobody is shocked by their tax evasion,
it is time that we put a searchlight on lies,
and seek to never be surprised,
when somebody makes us lose faith.
We should doubt everything we are told,
conspire against the hot with the cold,
and stare at everything with suspicion,
we will learn that it is all fake news,
and that isn’t something I have to prove.
—  verisimilitude