Millionth thought about “Burn” I’ve had this month: Eliza goes for Hamilton’s jugular – but not by repeating the insults we’ve heard before, (arrogant, loud mouthed, obnoxious, son of a whore, bastard, etc…) She rips Hamilton up on the thing he’s most known for, what he’s most proud of – his WRITING. His SENSELESS sentences, his SELF OBSESSED and PARANOID tone. She’s tearing him up about not just the CONTENT of the Reynolds Pamphlet, but the way in which he wrote it. She takes the time in the middle of her rage to mock his style, which is such a rap battle move. 

And what is she going to do with all of the beautiful writing he gave her over the years, his letters? 

Burn them. 

Καταστρέφομαι για πάρτη σου, αλλά μπέσα γουστάρω άσχημα.
—  Μπέσα.

More youngsters!

This tiny pigeon squab arrived at the centre recently after, very sadly, its nest was destroyed. A member of the public had collected it before bringing it to us in a small bucket.

It was rushed in to see the vet team and, although it was not obviously injured, was found to be very cold and flat. It was quickly moved into one of our warm incubators and quickly picked up!

We are keeping our eye on it and will do all we can to raise it for release!

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