Not sure if anyone brought this up already, but something I really loved about the last ending is how the first sequence of images showed all the GoM being alone, with their faces obscured or otherwise expressionless -in Aomine’s case you can’t even see him, since he’s lying down, and with the exception of Midorima, all of them have their faces turned away from the camera-. They’re on their own, detached from other people , even Akashi, who appears with Reo and Kotaro is clearly in a different  “layer”. The frames are empty, vacant, just them, alone in their own world, with no one to trust or play with.

But then the special eye-catches show them surrounded by their teams, having fun, their smiling faces perfectly visible. It’s literally a before and after and a very subtle way to show us how much they’ve changed for the better thanks to Kuroko’s influence. The new frames are lively, colorful, crowded. They’re normal teenage boys having fun with their friends now.

Of course, Kuroko has his own before and after too.

Just look at them, look how happy they are and how much they’ve grown, look at how they’ve managed to get new friends and love their teams. I’m so proud of them.

*I’m running with the theory that the rooftop represents Aomine because there are no shots of him in the first ending sequence and the rooftop was his favorite place to laze around before he was beaten and decided to practice again.

Larry Wilmore Destroys Clarence Thomas Over SCOTUS Gay Marriage Decision (VIDEO)

Larry Wilmore Destroys Clarence Thomas Over SCOTUS Gay Marriage Decision (VIDEO)

In case you missed it, in his dissenting opinion on the Obergefell v. Hodges SCOTUS case, Justice Clarence Thomas made wild allegations about the nature of human rights and the government. Clarence’s opinion has provided plenty of material for comedians since marriage equality became the law of the land last week. On Monday night, Larry Wilmore took his turn tearing apart the Suipreme Court…

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Youre taking requests right? can you draw your pynch trash moment?

“… while he’d been looking at Ronan, Ronan had been looking at him”

yes i take requests! (and love urself and click full view)


BRODIE - A1040470

TO BE DESTROYED 07/01/15 A volunteer writes: There are dogs and then there are DOGS, and beautiful Brodie is in the latter camp, a stunning Shepherd mix with the face of an angel and the body of a horse! He’s still a bit underweight at 90 pounds and to describe him as a head-turner would be a huge (forgive the pun) understatement. He’s so magnificent that even jaded NYPD officers did a full-on double take as he strutted past them in the hallway, and though he’s been with us only a few days, everyone at the Care Center already knows and loves ‘Big Brodie’. I’d heard he was a strong boy, but I had no problems strolling with him out to the yard and he took care of his business quickly (his den was clean too) before following me into a double pen where we could really give those long legs the workout they deserve. Brodie is playful and energetic but far from hyper and he politely sits on command to wait for a throw of the tennis ball then dashes after it and returns immediately to my side, sometimes with the ball and sometimes without. He doesn’t guard his things but he does LOVE his food and it’s best to just let him have at it and allow him to clean his bowl — believe me, you won’t be waiting long! He’s easy to leash and unleash, enjoys petting all over and (fortunately for my puny arms) hops easily back into his kennel with no complaints at all. Did I mention he’s also great with other dogs and received a perfect score on his doggie socialization test? I dream of this mascot-in-the-making running free in a countryside meadow but I’ll settle for a loving home where he’ll have all the exercise and mental stimulation a young Shepherd needs to stay happy and healthy. Brodie is beautiful inside and out and he deserves only the best in life, are you ready to give it to him?