“Greetings, Tower. This is Ikora Rey with a friendly reminder for our Titan colleagues celebrating victory in the Crucible: it’s ‘fist bumping,’ not ‘fist punching.’”

- Ikora Rey

Eres tan valiente y tranquila que en ocasiones olvido que sufres.
—  Ernest Hemingway

An Exclusive Tour Of Destiny: Rise Of Iron's Archon's Forge
In this video feature, see new gameplay as Bungie designers walk you through the development, design, and purpose of this new and deadly PvE arena.

Game Informer has posted a video of Archon Forge gameplay! Click the link above to see! Or here. That works too.

For those of you too busy to watch a video, here is a breakdown with some key points:

  • The Archon Forge is an area located in the Plaguelands that will have the player see gameplay similar to both Court of Oryx and Prison of Elders. You put an offering in; waves of enemies will come at you.
  • After the main story, Devil Splicers will start to drop SIVA items that will direct you to go the Archon forge. 
  • Similar to Court of Oryx, the type/level/classification of the offering will spawn unique encounters and bosses to fight. And like Prison of Elders, waves of enemies will rush out to greet you.
  • The longest encounters can last is five minutes!
  • You will see every type of Splicer enemy type while playing Archon Forge and there will be unique bosses as well
  • Some [of the bosses] will have abilities “you’ve never seen before”.
  • There will be unique rewards after each Archon Forge encounter
  • Most of the plagueland is snowy and white but has more lava and mugginess as you get into the Fortress/Archon Forge area.
  • You will come to this area during the main storyline of Rise of Iron
  • The goal for Archon Forge was to give players a space to “brawl it out” similar to the “Skirmish” Public Event (”the enemies are moving against each other” event) while getting a reward for it.
  • When you die (without being revived), you are put into a waiting area that is closed off to the Archon Forge. You can either pay your way back in with certain currencies, complete certain objectives or wait until the other Guardian(s) finish(es) the round to get back into the fight.
  • The lore behind the Archon Forge is that it is essentially a coliseum for Splicers to show their worth and to ascend the ranks. The short story is: A low tier Fallen will present an offering to the Archon, and then must fight to show that they are worthy of a promotion to a Splicer. The Splicers’ goal is to be deified. They want to be machine gods.
  • When a guardian presents an offering, the Splicers just get pissed.
  • Archon Forge has a number of encounters themed around certain combatants.

We can be upset but we can’t be displeased. Upset that what we wanted has not transpired because that’s human nature. But we can’t be displeased with the Qadr of Allaah. It’s okay to be upset because it’s what you wanted, or what you hoped for, or what you craved, or what you yearned for. You will overcome the pain of upset but you can never be displeased with the One who always knows what is best for you, whether you see that or not. And that is one of the beauties of Qadr; it is unknown but your Lord wanting good for you is always known.

Fallen - The Movie

A film based in the Milky Way about 3 young friends: Greg the Dreg, Frank the Shank, and Randall the Vandal, in their struggle to find the Great Machine. Along the way, they learn things about each other, and themselves, in a way they never expected.

Join us on this heartwarming journey across the galaxy, filled with tears and laughter. Coming soon to theatres near you.

#1 - “niece” and “nephew” make Balwur and Malok sound way more adorable and small than they are

#2 - Oryx threw his foster-son into hell prison (A+ parenting skills)

#3 - Something about Oryx’s family being in a little list like this is far too domestic and innocent and all I can think about is Oryx with a “#1 Dad” mug and a bunch of tiny pictures in his wallet he can pull out and show to people like “This is my son cutting his first hole in the fabric of reality” or “This one here is my little niece, Balwur. Look at how well she’s poisoning that entire planet” as he wipes a proud tear from his eye.



Contest details: http://www.gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2016/08/02/announcing-the-destiny-rise-of-iron-magazine-cover-art-contest-7860.aspx

I SHOULDN’T HAVE PROCRASTINATED SO LONG LOL MY HAND IS DED AND I SEE SO MANY MISTAKES XD I crammed almost 30 hrs of work into a few days to make it just in time for their deadline!!

That being said, the Sunbreaker Titan’s helmet (top) ended up looking like some kind of geodesic gummy candy…nomnomnomnom

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Final Chance for MoT

Redditor GLHFScan points out something very important for people who want the final emblem from Moments of Triumph. This coming weekly reset (8/30/16) will be the last cycle of King Fall challenges.

Tomorrow’s reset marks only three more weekly resets until the launch of Rise of Iron. This also means that it will be the last time that the cycle of all three weekly King’s Fall challenges will be available to you. This week will see Golgoroth, with next week being Oryx and the final reset being Warpriest. If you are in need of any challenge mode calcified fragments, these next three weeks are your last shot at it.

This is also the last cycle for getting the T3 Court of Oryx fragments as well!


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Voyage of Time Official Trailer a Terrence Malick Movie