Evaluating Your Hunter: A Checklist

In times of great stress or shock, your Hunter may go suddenly quiet, such as in the moments before a firefight or following a disaster. It is imperative that you act quickly to assess their mental state. The following checklist can identify potentially dangerous situations and help you to evaluate your next steps.

First, identify the cause of stress. Potential factors include:

  • Imminent battle
  • Imminent death
  • Witnessing a second death
  • Dismemberment, or the witnessing thereof
  • Repeated Ghost revival
  • Defeat in the Crucible
  • The tearing or loss of a cloak
  • Losing a game of dice
  • Running out of alcohol
  • Stubbing a toe

Immediately following any of these occurrences, act quickly to gauge the severity of their psychological response to said stress. Be sure to watch for the following indicators:

  • Is your Hunter staring off into the middle distance?
  • Is your Hunter grinning wildly for no discernible reason?
  • Is your Hunter speaking with an entity that isn’t there?
  • Is your Hunter laughing maniacally?
  • Is your Hunter obsessively stroking the bones of an extinct creature?
  • Is your Hunter behaving like a normal, well-adjusted human being?

If the answer to one or more of the above questions is YES, the best course of action is to remove yourself from your Hunter’s vicinity and point them either at the nearest enemy or the nearest bar, depending on which is closest.

- A Warlock’s Guide to Hunters // Anonymous

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Really makes me wondering: if you date Cayde-6, how does one smooch him. I understand hugs, snuggles and such but his lips. Dont get me started on his personality, its charming as hell and I can see that he might have a way with words.

Originally posted by lenasoxtons

“Well that’s depressing ‘cause we can’t ‘smooch’. Technically.” Cayde-6 states bluntly and his optics lower in an expression of disappointment. “But I mean, we can work around it. There’s no real substitute for a kiss, but maybe—” He leans forward, closer to your face and mindful of the protrusion on his forehead.

He hums as he tilts his head this way and tries to figure out what action would best mimic a kiss. In the end, Cayde-6 makes a disgruntled sound and gives up, pressing the flat of his mouth plates to your forehead before gently tapping his forehead where the ‘kiss’ was placed.

“Okay, bad idea. I don’t know where I was going with it—you mentioned cuddling? ‘Cause that I can do. I’m a cuddling machine so to speak—ha ha—that was bad. Sorry.” 

I'm not aboard the destiny 2 type train.

I already paid hundreds of dollars for this game. I don’t want to repeat this process.

I don’t want to pay for an incomplete game only to be strong armed, charged at every corner for the material that should have been included in the game originally.

Custom matches
Races in srl
More content

These things should have been there!

And their attitude on srl when interviewed was disgusting.

“We listened to the fans and made this game for the community”.

Bullshit. You made Halo.
You left out features that you put in Halo.

Bungie, you had the story yanked out of your team and you took it out on the fans. Witholding content to keep us hooked. Charging for that content and post poning “updates” and “events” that should have been in the game to begin with is so disgusting. Its a big fuck you to the fans and bungie followers to just be like “we fucked up and we need money to compensate so you devoted fans love us so give us more money to play this NEW content… let’s string you on….

I’ll probably get it…
I am not a fan of bungie anymore.
I have no intent on leaving the destiny community. It’s the main thing that keeps me coming back.

I love you guys.

Eris Morn does not need an anchor. She can fold the world effortlessly, wrapping it around ancient knowledge that still feels new. It follows its own rules, and in those maps are waypoints.

Toland, jester-king of his own literarchy, is a waypoint.

Eris’ emanations are strong here, like a cloak around her shoulders. Toland looks at her from a pillar of cloud flashing with green eyes. “Dearest Eris. You have joined me in my vaulted halls! Welcome. So … the lie has fallen away. Did you leave your Guardian behind?”

“The Guardian, and Asher Mir the Gensym Scribe, and Ikora, and … so many.”

“So it is your time to hear the song.”

“I have not died a third time.” She reaches out, and cannot touch the cloud of him. Grief and relief mingle. “But the lie … the smokescreen. I go to find the fire.”

Toland flickers. He isn’t self-aware enough to compare this to his betrayal, Eris thinks. Should I? He has heard the whispers she has, the warnings the Vanguard did not.

But she is hunting, and the hunt does not end at the home of this confidante.

“Did we not know that the truth brings conflict?” He says. It is a mercy that he does not continue. The battles around her are flames in a conflagration, and she will walk through them to fight the foes she knows best.

Eris and Toland never did say goodbye to one another. It had been that way from the start. They bow their heads to one another with memories of other days, other bodies, and Eris goes.