Notice You // Lee Mark


the prompt: may I request a Mark fluff?? Something like you dropped your books and he had a crush on you, and decided to help you out?

words: 902

category: fluff

author note: awkward mark is everything and i love him.

- destinee

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Mark leaned against his locker, listening to Donghyuck complain about yet another detention he received.

“To be fair,” Mark stated. “You did throw a spitball right between the substitute’s eyes.”

“So? It wasn’t like I was aiming for his eyes,” Donghyuck grumbled as he pulled a few books out of his locker. “Honestly, should substitutes even be allowed to give out detention? I think not.”

Mark only chucked and shook his head. His eyes surveyed around the school, “Hey, have you see–”

“Y/n?” Donghyuck interrupted with a smirk on his face.

Mark began to blush and sputtered out, “J-Jeno. I was going to ask if you’ve seen Jeno today. I haven’t seen him.”

Sure,,“ Donghyuck nodded. “Too bad that excuse sucks, because you were talking to Jeno this morning.”

Mark cursed under his breath. Of course all of his friends knew about his crush on you. He couldn’t help but stare a bit too long or talk a bit too much when it came to you.

Because of their constant teasing, Mark tried his hardest not to bring you up in any conversations. Sometimes, like today, he slipped.

“There’s Jeno now,” Donghyuck snickered, seeing you walk down the hallway.

Mark’s heartbeat picked up, and he felt somewhat stupid for being so enthralled with your presence. It wasn’t like you were anything special or out of the ordinary. You were just an average student who tended to have more books around you than friends. Often times you made your way down the hallway with multiple books in your arms, struggling to see over the pile as you took them to your locker.

Mark thought it was cute how you always found good books to read in the school library. Luckily, your school library was connected to the town’s library, so it was easy to find the novels you wanted as opposed to the educational books most school libraries offered.

You intimidated the boy. Not because you were mean, or loud, or anything of that sort. In fact, you didn’t speak much in class, and you only hung out with one person. Mark was intimated by your closed aura. How do you talk to someone who doesn’t talk to anyone? How do you just approach them and try to be friends?

Mark was too awkward to approach you. Even when Donghyuck offered to do it on his behalf, he declined. If he was going to talk to you, he didn’t want it to be through his best friend. He wanted the courage to do it himself.

Mark watched subtly as you made your way towards your locker, at least ten large novels in your arms. He read the spines, and was surprised to see a few romantic titles thrown in the usual thrillers and science fiction books you read.

When you reached your locker, you bravely balanced all ten books using one arm, and tried to open your locker with the other.

Donghyuck closed his locker and smiled, “I’m going to help you talk to her.”

“Don’t,” Mark said. “I’ll do it when the timings right.”

“That time is now,” Donghyuck fired back. “You can thank me later.”

Mark opened his mouth to protest, but Donghyuck was already walking towards you.

Mark watched helplessly as Donghyuck walked towards you and slyly tapped your shoulder before he kept walking. You whipped around to see who tapped you, which resulted in all of your books falling from your hold.

You sighed and kneeled down to gather up all of your dropped books.

Mark stilled for a moment, before realizing what he was supposed to do. He ran over and dropped down, picking up a few books to give you.

“Thank you,” you breathed, looking up to meet his eyes.

Mark felt his throat go dry when he saw your pretty eyes. He wet his lips and nervously looked back at the books. “Yeah, n-no problem.”

He picked up another book, and handed it to you. “Here.”

You laughed as you took the John Green novel from him. “I promise I’m not a hopeless romantic.”

Mark felt a grin appear on his own face. “It’s okay if you are. I won’t judge.”

He looked at you and saw a sheepish smile on your face. You held up your pointer finger and your thumb, “Just a little bit. Most of the time I read sci-fi or horror.”

“I always see you carrying books with scary titles,” Mark commented.

When you didn’t answer, he looked up. You were busy straightening your pile of books. Only now Mark noticed the hue of your cheeks were pinker than usual.

You stood up, and he followed. “Did I say something wrong?”

“No,” you replied, pushing a stray strand of hair behind your ear. “I’m just surprised you noticed me, is all.”

“I’ve always noticed you,” Mark said before he could stop himself. He held out his hand. “I’m Mark.”

“Y/n.” You accepted the handshake.

Mark was surprised to hear the next words that came out of your mouth, “Would you want to walk me to class?”

“S-Sure,” he managed to say in his state of disbelief.

You stuffed all of your books in your locker and turned back to him, smiling, “Okay, let’s go.”

As you and Mark walked away, Mark caught the eye of Donghyuck.

You’re welcome,“ Donghyuck mouthed, a satisfied smirk on his face.

~the end~

I'll Be Waiting // Jung Jaehyun


the prompt: how about a neighbourau! For jaehyun in which one of u just moves in? ☺️☺️☺️ I’ve daydreamed this scenario so much!

words: 1329

category: fluff

author note: i suppose this lil fluff is to make up for the angst i dumped upon you guys. also, to who requested this, i wasn’t sure what you wanted, but i hope you like this!

- destinee

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You couldn’t remember the last time you had slept in. Most nights you were up past midnight studying or binge watching. Since you had to get up early to go to your job, sleep wasn’t always something were allotted.

However, since it was a Saturday morning, and you had no work, you were snoring away. Busy in the land of dreamless sleep, your mind didn’t even register the harsh knock upon your bedroom door.

It did, however, register your mom’s loud voice. “Y/n! Come downstairs right now and help me bake this cake!”

You groaned, that familiar feeling of agony when one realizes they cannot go back to sleep creeping into your heart. You couldn’t figured out why on earth your mother would want you to help her bake a cake on a Saturday morning.

You got out of bed and checked the alarm clock. 8:23.

You huffed. As far as you were concerned, any time before noon was too early to be woken up on a weekend.

With heavy footsteps, you made your way downstairs and walked into the kitchen, where your mom had a recipe book out.

“Do we have to make it from scratch?” You whined, leaning against the counter. “Can’t we just use a box of cake mix?”

“No,” your mother said, giving you a stern look. “Our new neighbors moved in this morning and I want to be the first to welcome them to the neighborhood.”

“With a cake?” You deadpanned. “Can’t we just send them a card in the mail or something?”

“Honestly, Y/n, do you know the true meaning of friendship?”

You stared at your mom like she had gone crazy. “What are you talking about? You’re not baking a cake for friendship, you’re baking it to show Mrs. Barbara that you’re a better neighbor than her.”

Your mother pursed her lips, “So what if I am? You don’t have to be cynical about it.”

You laughed. “Fine, just tell me what I need to do.”

“I’ve already visited them this morning to ask their preferred flavor,” your mother said.

“If you’ve already visited them, why are we making a cake?” You frowned.

“Because we have to make an excellent first impression. Now, she said her son likes chocolate so we’ll make devil’s food cake. Get started on the icing that you make so well.”

You grabbed the confectioners sugar and the chocolate, grumbling the whole time. “I bet her son is a bratty five year old who picks his nose.”

“Actually, Honey, he’s your age.” You mom corrected with a smile on her face. “You know…”

“No.” You began to measure ingredients while you talked. “He’s probably some arrogant loser who thinks he can get a bunch of girls to sleep with him or something.”

“That’s a bit harsh.”

“His cake preference woke me up early so I’m allowed to be harsh,” you said, sparing a glance out the window, towards the new neighbor’s home. “I bet his mom let him sleep in.”

“Of course she did,” your mother’s voice held a sympathetic tone to it. “He was up all morning moving boxes into his house. I’m sure he’s tired.”

You rolled your eyes and turned away from the window.


As luck would have it, your mother was called into work, meaning you were left to bring the cake over by yourself.

The gaudy Welcome to the Neighborhood! written in purple icing made you want to throw up as you walked across your yard.

You were still in your pajamas, with no care for your flyaway hair or your bare feet. Your plan was simple: drop off the cake as quickly as possible and go back home for a well-deserved nap.

Once you were on the doorstep, you knocked three times on the door, a bit brasher than you had intended to.

The door swung open, revealing a tall boy with dark brown eyes and matching hair. Not giving you much room for talking, he began to whisper, “Can you keep it down? My mom is sleeping.”

“Sorry,” you whispered back, trying to ignore the intense beating of your heart at the sight of such an attractive male. “My mother baked this cake for you guys and wanted me to deliver it as soon as possible.”

“Oh,” the boy backed up and gestured for you to come inside. “Sorry. I thought maybe you were here to sell me something.”

“With a cake in my hand?” You asked.

The boy shrugged and smiled shyly, a dimple appearing on his cheek.

You felt blood rush to your cheeks. “Anyway, I’ll leave this here and get going.”

“Wait!” He stopped you. “I don’t really know anyone in this town, so can we sit down and talk? Maybe you can help messenger about this place?”

Honestly, how could you say no to his face? You placed the cake on his kitchen counter. “I guess I can stay a bit.”

“Great!” He said happily. “I’m Jaehyun.”

“Y/n,” you said. You looked around the room. “There aren’t many boxes.”

Jaehyun extracted two forks from one small box he had been digging in. “Well, it’s just me and Mom. We don’t need much.”

You didn’t ask where his dad was, feeling it too personal a question. Instead, you accepted the fork he offered you. “So, what do you want to know about this town?”

Jaehyun looked thoughtful as he stabbed some cake with his fork. “I’d like to find a good college and a steady job,” he admitted before sticking the cake his mouth.

You copied his motions, proud of yourself for the delicious icing. “I know a few places that are opening. What are you good at?”

Jaehyun chuckled and looked down. You noticed a blush appear on his cheeks. “I really like singing and dancing, but I don’t think there’s a job for that.”

“Actually, my friend just opened a dance academy for kids and he needs more choreographers. If your interested, I can give him a call.”

“Really?” He asked. “That’d be great, Y/n.”

You looked away shyly. His dimples were far too distracting. “Just helping out.”

Jaehyun smiled at you, “This cake is delicious, by the way.”

“It better be,” you grumbled under your breath.

“What do you mean?” Jaehyun asked, licking the icing off of his fork.

“I had to get up at the crack of dawn to help my mom bake that cake,” you said, annoyance present in your voice. “All because she wanted me to make my special icing.”

“If it helps,” Jaehyun said, a playful playful tone in his voice. “The icing is my favorite part.”

You turned away, cheeks warm. “Doesn’t matter. I’m still mad.”

Jaehyun sighed, leaning against the counter. “Maybe I should make it up to you. Do you know any good diners around? Cake isn’t exactly the best thing to have for breakfast.”

Was he asking you on a date?

“Uh, there’s a place down the street. They’ve got the best blueberry pancakes,” You answered, trying not to get too excited. He might just want to be friends, and there was no need for you to get ahead of yourself.

“Great!” Jaehyun said. “We’ll have breakfast there and then you can show me around the town.”

“What if I don’t want to show you around the town?” You asked teasingly, feeling somewhat confident. “What if I want to go back home and sleep?”

Jaehyun gasped dramatically, the back of his hand resting on his forehead, “Then I guess I’ll explore the town all by myself. Lonely and lost in the big, big world.”

You pushed him gently, letting out a laugh as you walked towards the front door. “Shut up. I’ll go get dressed and meet you back here in fifteen minutes.”

Jaehyun followed you out, leaning against the doorway watching you to make sure you got back to your house safely, a soft smile on his face, “I’ll be waiting.”

~the end~

Stay With Me // Ten Chittaphon


the prompt: Can you write a prince!ten fluffy scenario??

words: 4968

category: angst + fluff, prince!au

warnings: night terrors and mentions of death (nothing rlly graphic)

author note: this is literally my fourth or fifth attempt (I lost count lol) of trying to write this fic. but it’s finally finished and I’m proud of the result. I hope you guys like it as well! (he’s so handsome i’m crying i love my bias)

- destinee

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The carriage jumped every time there was a bump in the road. Your headache only worsened with each bump in the road.

Your dress was itchy and there was a pin digging in your scalp when it should have been keeping your neat bun intact. “Mom, do we have to live at the castle?”

Sure, it seemed like a dream. It would have been, too, if you weren’t running for your lives.

Your mother smiled softly. “Y/n, this is the best thing for our safety. You know this.”

Indeed, you did. After a series of rebellions and protests, your father, a castle guard, had been captured and killed. The rebels were looking for the rest of his family out of hate, so the royal family invited you and your mother to live under the safety of their roof. It was a “thank you” for your father’s sacrifice in the kingdom.

“We’ll fit in well here” Your mother said. “I’ve been offered a job as a servant of the queen and you are free to roam around as you please until you find a job that suits you.”

“Okay,” you said softly. “I’ll try to be happy about it.”

“I know you’re scared, Y/n,” your mother said softly. “I’ll be with you each night, if you would like.”

You reached your arm around her and hugged her tightly. “It’s the only thing that keeps the nightmares away.”

Since your father’s death, you had been plagued with reoccurring visions of his horrific fate every night since. You would wake up in a cold sweat, in tears, or sometimes both if the dream was extra graphic.

The only thing that kept the nightmares away was falling asleep in your mother’s arms. Knowing she was there beside you made you feel protected.

You sighed. Grief still lay heavy in your heart as you thought of your father. Your biggest fear was that your mother would leave you as well.


The guard’s name was Taeyong. He told you that he would be your personal guard and would be taking your bags up to your room while you greeted the royal family.

You felt out of place in the large marble court. Your stained dress was nothing in comparison to the queen’s lavish gown.

Your mother pushed you along, holding her own head high. She could easily adapt in new situations. It was one of the things you admired most about her: never being afraid in the face of change.

In front of you was the king, his wife, and his son. You couldn’t look any of them in the eye, for fear of being impolite. Instead, you merely mimicked your mother’s actions as she bowed towards each of them.

“Welcome, Y/m/n. Y/n. We offer our greatest condolences for your loss. Y/d/n was a wonderful guard and friend to me. I can only pay his service back by protecting his family,” the king addressed your mother and you.

You bowed again, stealing a glance around the room. Your eyes caught the prince’s, his gaze penetrating, but not frightening. He looked confused, as if he was still trying to figure out why two commoners were going to live in his castle.

When each member of the royal family shook your hands, he was slow to reach out and shake your hand.

You couldn’t blame his hesitation. Your hands were probably rough and calloused, unlike his soft ones. However, before you could apologize, you were whisked away by your mother.

She was following a woman, perhaps one of the maids, towards a corridor where you assumed the bedrooms would be held.

Your suspicions were proved right as she opened a tall door to a bedroom. “Here is your room, Miss Y/n. Your bags have already been brought up.”

Your voice took on a frightened tone, “What about my mother?”

“She’ll be sleeping in the servant’s quarters with us.” She answered, smiling. “The queen said to give you this room.”

You bit your lower lip, “Will I offend Her Majesty if I sleep in the servant’s quarters as well?”

As if she understood, the woman smiled softly. “Of course, Dear. Taeyong will move your bag.”

“I can do it,” you said. “It’s no hassle.”

After getting settled into your preferred bedroom (one with your mother), the two of you were invited to a dinner with the royal family.

“Honey, you need to get ready if we’re going to go,” Your mother said, brushing out her hair.

“Can’t I just stay here? I’m not hungry anyway.”

“You never eat anymore,” your mother complained. “I know you’re grieving, but you can’t starve yourself.”

“I know. I’ll eat breakfast tomorrow, I promise. Just please don’t make me go.”

Your mother eventually agreed and left to the dining hall by herself.

If you were being honest, the niceness of the royal family seemed strained to you. You wished to go back to your home in the village, where you could smell horse feed and hear the constant banging of the blacksmith’s hammer against an anvil.

Here it was clean and proper, and you feared one mistake might get you in trouble. This was no place for a commoner like you.

A knock disrupted your thoughts, followed by a voice, “Y/n? I brought you dinner?”

Thinking it was the guard Taeyong, you answered back, “Come in.”

Instead of the guard you were expecting, you were greeted by the soft smile of the prince himself. “I’m Ten,” he said quietly. “Your mother mentioned you weren’t eating and I thought I could help you out.”

You looked at him, confused, so he continued, “When my grandmother died, this was the only thing I would eat.”

He slid over a bowl of yogurt, mixed with wild berries. “It was something she always made me when I was good, so I suppose it comforted me when she left. Try it, will you?”

Your heart warmed at his kind gesture. “Thank you,” you said quietly, still unable to look at him. You accepted the spoon he offered and scooped some yogurt and berries onto it.

Ten was right. It was easy to eat. Also, there has always been a bit of happiness hidden in the tart flavor of a berry. You scooped up another bite.

“I hope you’ll eat all of it,” Ten said concernedly. “I know you’re going through a tough time, but you can’t heal mentally if you’re weak physically.”

Without waiting for an answer, he left.


You finished the entire bowl, satisfied with the full feeling it left you. Figuring the least you could do was bring your empty dish to the kitchen and clean it, you exited the room.

Something felt off the moment you stepped into the hallway that led to the dining room. No guards were around and no servants were running this way and that, like they had been just hours before.

“Y/n!” Someone hissed. You whipped your head around, searching for the location of the voice.

Ten peeked out of what you assumed to be a closet. “Come here, now.”

You obeyed, due to the pure seriousness of his voice. As soon as you were in his reach, the prince grabbed your hand and pulled you into the closet, shutting the door quietly behind him.

“What’s going on?” You asked, your voice in a whisper.

“A few rebels snuck in,” Ten replied, his voice low. “They’ve asked for your mother.”

“What?!” You reached forward to grab at the door handle, but Ten quickly blocked you. “Move! I have to help her!”

“Keep it down!” Ten said. “They’ve asked for your mother only. They don’t know you’re here so it needs to stay that way.”

“Where else would I be?” You snapped.

“They got false information that you left the country. Meanwhile, everyone in the kingdom knows your mother came here for protection.”

“Protection? My mother is being threatened as we speak! What is going to happen to her?”

Ten sighed, “I don’t know. But putting you in danger doesn’t help the situation in any way, so you need to stay put.”

“Fine,” you muttered back angrily, although a tear of worry had already escaped your eye.


Two hours later, someone finally found the two of you and announced it was safe to come out; that the rebels had been captured and locked up.

You ran towards your mother, who was sitting on a chaise with a tea cup in her hand. Although she didn’t look hurt, you ran to her and hugged her with all of your might. “Are you okay? Did they hurt you?”

“No, Sweetie,” your mother pulled you back and stroked your hair in a way only mothers can. “Luckily there weren’t many of them, and the guards kept everyone safe.”

You sighed in relief.

“There is something I need to discuss with you, however.”

You watched as your mother’s face took on a serious look. “What is it?”

“The queen thinks it might be best if I hide in the royal cottage across the lake. No one but the royal family and a few close guards know where it is, so it would be safer than the castle where the rebels have already found me.”

“Okay,” you said hastily. “That’s good, right? We’ll just relocate.”

“Actually, Honey, you would have to stay here.”

Your grip on your mother’s hand tightened as she spoke. “Why can’t I come?”

“People don’t know you came here. The rebels who came here were obviously under the impression that I was the only one here, and that you had gone to live somewhere else.”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“Once they find out I left, they won’t attack the castle again,” your mother explained. “It will truly be the safest place for you.”

“I don’t want you to leave me,” you said.

You felt your mother’s thumb on your face as she wiped your tears away. “You’ll be okay here. I’ll come back as soon as the leader of the rebellion is caught, okay?”

Since you couldn’t answer without sobbing, you fell into your mother’s embrace and held her as tight as you could manage. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” she promised, pressing a kiss onto your head. “Now go prepare for bed while I leave. The king and queen have offered to take me to the cottage, so you’ll be alone in the castle for a bit. Is that okay?”

“I guess,” you said.

All you could really do was agree at this point. She had already chosen the cottage. Although you knew it was for protecting, you couldn’t help but feel like she was leaving for good.


A rough arm grabbed you by the waist and pulled you out of your living room, into the road in front of your house.

“Father!” You yelled. He looked up from his position, tied between two rebel men.

He had been caught, but you weren’t afraid. He would get out, wouldn’t he? He was the top guard under the king. There was no way the rebels could hurt him.

For the life of you, you couldn’t understand why your mother was sobbing your father’s name so loudly.

He would be okay. He had to be. Your father couldn’t die. That was impossible.

“It’s you or her,” one of the rebels jeered, pointing at you with his thumb over his shoulder.

Now you understood. If they made him choose between your life and his, he would willingly give himself up. He had always been the protector of the family, and there was no doubt he wouldn’t pick you to save. Still, you wanted to try to save him.

“Pick yourself!” You screamed. “Take mom and go! I’ll be okay!”

“You know I won’t do that,” he said, his voice as gentle as ever. “I love you Y/n. I love you Y/m/n.”

You watched, horrified, as the rebels forced your father to kneel and placed a sword at his neck.

"NO!” You screamed, fighting against the man that held you. “Let him go! Don’t kill him! Please! Father, I love you! I love you so much! No!”

With no heed to your pleading and begging, the sword came down upon your father’s neck, and you closed your eyes tightly as the smell of blood filled the street.


You sat up in bed, your chest rising and falling as you gasped for air. It was the same dream. The same horrible nightmare that clouded your mind whenever you closed your eyes.

The door to your bedroom opened and a figure walked in, “Are you okay? I heard screaming.”

You wiped your stray tears and looked up at the prince, whose eyes shone with concern as he waited for your answer. “I-It was just a nightmare,” you said quietly.

“Still, you were shouting pretty loudly. Do you want to talk about it?”

“No,” you whispered. Your heart still weighed heavy from your dream. Grief always seemed greater in the dead of night. Especially now, since you were alone. You looked up at the prince, his caring eyes encouraging you to ask your next question. “Can you stay with me?” You quickly added on, “J-Just for tonight, then I’m sure I’ll be back to normal.”

“Sure,” Ten said, acting like it was no big deal. Maybe it wasn’t for him. “To be honest, I’m not used to my parents being away from the me either. It makes me feel vulnerable when my dad isn’t here.”


He pulled the covered up and climbed into the large bed, resting his head on the pillow you weren’t using. “Yeah, I guess with all the rebel threats, I’ve been sort of afraid these past few months. I usually make my guard stay up with me while I read to keep myself occupied. That’s silly, I guess.”

You turned your head towards him and pulled the covers up to your chin. “It’s not silly. Anyone would be scared knowing that the rebels are targeting them.”

“Yeah…” Ten sighed. “I hope they get back safe.”

“I’m sure they’ll be here, ready to greet us at breakfast in the morning.”


When you woke up, Ten was no where to be seen. Figuring he already went to breakfast, you washed up and went to the dining room yourself.

Only the royal family was eating, so it was safe to say you felt very awkward being offered a seat across from the queen herself.

“Y/n, how was your first night here?”

“It was good,” you said. “I slept well.”

“Excellent,” the queen said. “Now, what would you like to eat?”

You looked at the waiter, patiently waiting for you to tell him your order. “May I have a bowl of yogurt and berries?”

You heard a small chuckle from Ten, who sat beside you. Choosing to ignore him, you addressed the queen again. “Your Majesty, is there a healer in the castle? One that I could visit?”

“Are you ill?”

“No,” you assured the alarmed queen. “Although, I have been having some weird dreams lately and I wonder if there is a medicine to stop that.”

“I don’t know. Ten can take you to the healer after breakfast, though.”

“Okay, thank you.” You smiled at the queen.


“So, you liked the yogurt, huh?” Ten asked, giggling stupidly as if you had just confessed to him or something.

“It’s just yogurt,” you said. “I did it because I knew it would be easy for the cook to make, not because you recommended it to me.”

“Why so defensive over yogurt?” Ten laughed. He then wrapped his arm around your shoulder. “Let’s go see Doyoung!”

“Is that the healer?” You asked.

Ten nodded. “By the way, did my presence help you at all last night? Is that why you’re getting medicine? I didn’t hear any more screaming but I might’ve just slept through it.”

“No,” You protested, looking at the prince. “It’s just that you can’t stay with me every night. That would be weird.”

Ten’s ears turned red as he spoke in a soft tone, “I don’t mind, you know. If you need me to stay with you, I’ll stay. To be honest, I felt a lot safer sleeping beside you last night that I have in awhile.”

“Oh.” You didn’t have an answer for that. If you were helping him as much as he was helping you, the it didn’t seem so bad. “Well, I guess, if you don’t mind staying, I won’t get any medicine.”

“Really?” Ten’s eyes seemed to light up. “Thank goodness, because I honestly slept so good last night.”

“Maybe my bed is just confuse than yours,” you said humbly.

“Nope, they’re all the same in the castle. My dad said if the mattresses of the servants aren’t equal to the mattresses of the king, than a country is being ruled wrongly.”

“Your father is really nice,” you commented. “I wonder why people hate him so much.”

“It’s mostly people in power,” Ten said. “They don’t want those who get paid less to be treated the same as them. They think they deserve more attention or praise. It’s stupid.”

“Will you continue your father’s beliefs when he retires, or do you think you’ll go back to how it used to be?”

“I’ll definitely carry my father’s legacy. That’s what people like your dad died for, right? It would be a disgrace to their memories for me to erase everything they fought for.” Noticing his tone had gotten rather serious, Ten attempted to lighten the mood, “Besides, do you know how much mattresses cost? It’s not worth it.”

You giggled. The sound made Ten’s head snap up, a bright smile adorning his face.

“What?” You asked, you laughter dying down as he stared at you.

“Nothing. Nothing at all,” Ten said, looking away shyly.


It was midnight, and Ten hadn’t come into your bedroom yet.

For a moment, you felt fear at the thought of having to fall asleep alone again. Luckily, the moment was shortly lived, since your door opened and revealed the boy you had been waiting for.

“Sorry!” He apologized, shivering as he closed the door behind him. “I lost track of time.”

“It’s okay,” you said sleepily.

Ten crawled under the covers, “It’s so cold tonight.”

“I know,” you said. “I guess the wind picked up after dinner.”

Ten scooted closer to you, so that you shoulders were touching. “Can we cuddle?”

You were glad it was dark, so the prince couldn’t see your blushing face. “If you want.”

“Good.” Ten immediately turned on his side and slung an arm around your waist. He yawned into your neck, leaving your skin feeling tingly from his breath.

It occurred to you that Ten was a very open person, happy to be close with everyone and prone to not understand the meaning of personal space. That is precisely why you knew cuddling with him held no hidden meaning whatsoever. The boy was simply cold and liked to snuggle.

Somehow, you were okay with that. If it meant he would stay by your side and prevent your nightmares from reappearing, you were content.


This routine continued for weeks, without any disruptions in your plan.

The two of you got excellent sleep by staying at each other’s sides, and you became pretty good friends as well.

The prince became someone you could depend on, someone you could go to whenever you needed something or simply just wanted to talk.

You had taken over the job your mother would’ve had as the queen’s assistant. You followed Her Majesty around throughout the day, making sure she had everything she needed.

During her dress fitting on day, she addressed you. “Y/n, you’re friends with my son, right?”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” you answered.

“Have you seen him hanging out with a girl?”

“I only see him on off days,” you said apologetically. “I wouldn’t know. I can ask him if you’d like.”

“Would you?” The queen looked relieved. “He keeps bringing up a girl that makes him happy but I can’t get a name out of him. He said she was a commoner, but that doesn’t give me much to go by.”

“I’ll be sure to ask him, Your Majesty,” you assured her.

Inside, however, you felt a sort of hollow feeling in your heart. You had never thought about Ten having a crush on someone. That was ridiculous, since he was obviously at dating age. If he did date the girl he supposedly had a crush on, wouldn’t he stop sleeping with you at night? Wouldn’t you be left alone again?

Somehow, that didn’t seem as bad as knowing Ten’s heart would belong to someone. Someone who wasn’t you.


That night, Ten seemed more cuddly than usual. He was sitting against the headboard, claiming he wasn’t tired. He had, however, pulled you into his lap, so that you were positioned sideways with your head against his collarbone.

You were drowsily playing with Ten’s slender fingers while listening to him talk about his day. His voice was comforting and soothing, and you were sure you had nodded off once or twice during his story about his friend Johnny.

“Someone is sleepy,” Ten said softly. “Go to sleep, Y/n. I’m here.”

You shook you head, “I promised your mother I would ask you something.”

“Oh? What is it?”

You kept your gaze trained on Ten’s hand. “She said you’ve been talking to her about a girl you like and you won’t tell her who she is.”

“Oh,” Ten’s tone sounded sheepish. “It’s nothing serious. Nothing for anyone to worry about.”

“Ten?” You whispered. “If you get a girlfriend, you won’t be able to stay with me anymore, will you?”

Ten brought your hand to his lips and pressed a comforting kiss against the back of it. “I won’t leave you, Y/n. As long as you need me, I’ll be here.”

“That’s good to hear,” you mumbled, already dozing off. “For a moment there, I thought you were going to leave me.”

Ten gently laid you down and pulled the covers over your sleeping form. “I promise, Y/n, I’ll never leave you.”


“Do you want the good news or the bad news?” Ten asked, meeting you in the library on your off day.

“Good,”“ You answered, eyebrows furrowed. “Is everything okay?”

“Well, the leader of the rebellion has been caught,” Ten answered.

“That’s good!” You said. “My mother and I can go back to our home!”

“Yeah…” Ten bit his lip and looked down. “There is bad news, though.”

“What is it?”

“My father wants me to go with him when we go bring him back to the castle for a trial. I’ll be gone for a few days.”

“Oh,” you looked down at your feet. “That is bad news.”

“I had Doyoung make nightmare reducing medicine for you,” Ten said. “And I can bring you one of my shirts. Maybe my smell will make your sleeping self think I’m there even if I’m not. I’m really sorry, Y/n.”

The news was frightening, because you were so used to Ten’s warm embrace. You had come to know the prince like the back of your hand, and you were afraid to be away from him. “Is it dangerous? Will you get hurt?”

Ten looked taken back at your question. “No. They’ve already captured him, we’ve just got to go verify that it’s him and decide what to do with him.”

You found yourself walking towards Ten. You threw your arms around his slender waist. “Be safe. Come back, please.”

“I will,” Ten said. He wrapped his arms around you. “I’ll come back to you.”


The nights without Ten were hell.

The medicine wore off after a few hours, and after waking up in a cold sweat two nights in a row, you decided to pull all nighters until he returned.

Two days later, it was just you, the queen, and her kind smile telling you that they would be back later tonight.

You were exhausted. By six o'clock, you had eaten and washed up. Your pajamas were on and you sat on your bed, waiting patiently for Ten to finally return home.

As the clock kept ticking and each hour flew by, your eyelids got heavier and heavier. They kept getting heavier until you could no longer keep them open, and you fell onto your bed, fast asleep.


The dream had changed. Your dad was no longer in your nightmare. Neither was your mom. Instead, you were walking with Ten on a trail he said would lead to the leader of the rebellion.

"You’ll be safe, right?” You asked him.

"Of course.” His smile was always so assuring. “He’s not dangerous anymore.”

Satisfied with the answer, you walked beside him. Your hand occasionally bumped against his, until he finally just grabbed your hand. “This is okay, right?”

You nodded. Your smile slowly turned into a frown as you saw a group of men walking into the trail.


"That’s the leader of the rebellion,” he said. “He’s not supposed to be free. Y/n, run!”

You did, pulling him along with you. Only, he wouldn’t budge. As if he was made of stone, Ten wouldn’t move. You pulled and pulled. “Ten! We have to go!”

"I can’t move!” He shouted back, anxiously glancing at the rebels who were advancing with swords drawn. “You have to go without me!”

You began to cry. “No! I won’t leave you!”

"You have to!” As he spoke, the leader of the rebellion ran up and attacked Ten, driving a sword into his abdomen.



“I’m here!” Ten’s voice sounded foggy through your loud sobs. “I took a shower when I returned but I should’ve checked on you first. I’m so sorry.”

Two familiar arms wrapped around you. You hugged back tightly, “Ten, you’re okay.”

“I’m okay,” he assured. “You’re okay. We’re okay.”

You burst into another fit of tears. “He killed you. I thought it was real.”

Ten held you, feeling guilty for having left you for so long. “Y/n, I’m here. I’m not dead, okay?”

You sniffled, struggling to control your breathing. “J–Just don’t leave me. Stay.”

“I will. I’m here and I’m not going anywhere,” Ten repeated over and over, pressing reassuring kisses into your hair. “I’m here, Y/n.”

You kept your arms around him the whole night, making sure to keep your head on his chest so you could hear the beating of his heart. As he rubbed comforting circles into your side, you felt that you wouldn’t survive without Ten. You couldn’t survive without Ten. In fact, you didn’t want to survive without Ten.

That was when you knew you didn’t just love him for the comfort he brought at night. You loved him for the happiness he gave you all day long. You loved him for his soft laugh and his teasing words. You loved him for the way he talked about his kingdom, and the way he joked with you. You loved him for loving his family and for loving his friends.

You loved him for loving you.


You awoke the next morning, your face still pressed against Ten’s clothed chest. Slowly, you looked up and blinked, having never seen Ten while he was sleeping.

He was very handsome, with his eyes closed and soft snores escaping his mouth. You felt that if you had enough time, you could count each and every eyelash that rested upon his cheek. Your eyes followed all the way to his dark lips, and you found yourself wondering what it would be like to kiss him.

While you were thinking these thoughts, you failed to notice that Ten was awake, watching you with an amused expression. “Are you going to stare at my lips for a century, or are you going to kiss me?”

Your head snapped up. Ten glanced at you with mischief in his eyes and a slight smirk on his lips.

He pushed himself onto his elbows and smiled when he realized you now had to hold yourself up by your hands, one of which was on the other side of him. With you practically leaning against him, staring at him with those innocent doe eyes, it was no surprise Ten wanted to kiss you.

He dipped down and caught your lips with his own. He kissed you slowly, working his lips against yours in a way that made you feel loved but still ignited a fiery feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Ten chuckled against your lips, pulling away only slightly, so that his nose still bumped against yours. “I guess this would be a good time to tell you that you were the one I kept telling my mom about.”

“Really?” You asked. “But you said it was nothing serious.”

“Yes, I lied to throw you off my scent,” Ten answered. “The truth is that I love you and I want you to stay with me for the rest of my life, if possible.”

“I think that can be arranged, since I love you, too,” you said happily.

Ten kissed you again, this time only a peck. “Soon your mother will return and both of you will be allowed to stay here for good. Only this time, it will be as the future princess and the prince’s future mother-in-law.”

“I can’t wait,” you said, happily. Then you looked at the clock. “Should we go get breakfast?”

“Nah,” Ten said, pulling you back to his chest. “Let’s just stay like this for awhile.”

You agreed, already falling asleep to the rhythm of his heartbeat.

~the end~

Better Than Medicine // Na Jaemin


the prompt: Could I request something super fluffy and full of cuddles with NCT Dream Jaemin? Thank you!

words: 1097

category: fluff + kind of a best friend scenario?

author note: i have had this plot for jaemin in my head for months and now is the perfect time to bring it out. also i miss him so but he’s my lil honey bun and i hope he’s okay and healthy and living a unstressed life rn. ANYWAY hope this was up what you wanted! please enjoy!

- destinee

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How Would You Feel // Lee Taeyong


the prompt: could you write a song based scenario for nct taeyong based on How Would You Feel from Ed Sheerans new album?? Please and thank youuuu~~~~~

words: 2764

category: song fic + angst + fluff

author note: i kinda made the song in the readers pic rather than Taeyong’s bc i wanted to mix it up. please enjoy :)

- destinee

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