Today, I fucked up... by trying to save my roommate’s car from being stolen

Late Last night, Me and A few friends were walking back from a friend’s house down the street. We live in an area with fairly high crime and have had property stolen on several occasions. My roommate Nick, Just in the last year, had his car broken into, and his girlfriend’s car stolen from the outside our house.

So me and three friends(roommate Nick included) turn down the street that our house is on. As we are about to reach our destination, one of us notices in the distance what appears to be Nick’s car backing out of our driveway. The car backs out and starts escaping heading towards us. Fueled with paranoia warranted by past experiences, we all dash towards the vehicle. As the car gets closer, sure enough it is his. My friend lunges towards his stolen vehicle and tries to open the door. In response the car accelerates, manages to maneuver around us, and speeds off into the night. We are all freaking out and cannot believe the situation that has just unfolded in front of us. The polices are called to report it. As my friend is on the phone explaining the situation to the police we get close enough to the house to find that Nick’s car is still in the driveway.

Dumbfounded we walk into the house. It turns out my other roommate who had been at home, got into a disagreement with his girlfriend. His girlfriend had called her mother to pick her up, who just so happens to have the same vehicle as my roommate Nick. From her and her Mom’s perspective, four grown men came running down the middle of a dark street of a high crime area towards their car and tried to surround and steal it.

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