The Evolution of Adrien’s Game

I binged a few eps of Miraculous Ladybug while I was sick today and ended up making a long-ass observation post about Gabriel as Hawkmoth (or maybe Mr. Kubdel, wtfk) instead of resting.  Because priorities.

Anyway, here’s something else I noticed that wedged itself into my brain and won’t leave.  Prepare for another long post. 

In “Origins”:

  • Falls in love with a person he just met (proof he’s a Disney princess)
  • Which one?  Ladybug or Marinette?  Who knows.  He gives them both the same “oh shit, I think I’m in love” look.

In “Copycat (L'Imposteur):

  • Nino invites the girls to the movies and Marinette squeals.
  • Adrien’s reaction (half startled, half “that was cute wtf?”)

In “Timebreaker (Chronogirl)”:

  • He freaking winks at Marinette after complimenting her.
  • Oh yeah, you’re smooth -_-
  • Also, you’re a pirate.  ARGH MATEY!

See how this plays out below the cut:

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Les Dessinateur Fan Ending

I am a huge fan of the show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir and my favorite episode so far is “Le Dessinateur” where Marinette’s classmate, Nathanaël, becomes an akuma villain. This video is set the next day in class after Ladybug/Marinette cleanses Nathanaël’s akuma and turns him back to normal. So to understand what’s happening here, I highly recommend watching “Le Dessinateur” first! Check out mlsubbing for subbed episodes!

I felt really bad for Nathanaël since he was bullied by Chloe AND his teacher in front of his entire class and didn’t get much closure in the end. So I created my own ending to that episode for fun to help me practice boarding and here it is! This is my first time doing all out boards and I’m proud of myself for finishing it! :D

Characters belong to Zagtoon

Bonus (watch “Le Bulleur”):

oh Adrien you clueless boy <3

Unofficial ML Viewing Guide: Spoiler-Free Version

Because a lot of you guys have been asking for a spoiler-free version of this thing.

1. Climatika/Stormy Weather
2. Le Bulleur/The Bubbler
3. M. Pigeon/Mr. Pigeon
4. L'Imposteur/Copycat
5. Chronogirl/Timebreaker
6. Le Pharaon/The Pharaoh
7. Lady Wifi
8. Rogercop
9. Le Dessinateur/The Evillustrator
10. Horrificator
11. Le Dislocoeur/Dark Cupid
12. Le Chevalier Noir/Darkblade
13. Le Mime
14. Animan
15. La Marionnettiste/Puppeteer
16. Princesse Fragrance/Princess Fragrance
17. Le Gamer
18. Reflekta
19. Numeric/Pixelator
20. Guitar Vilain/Guitar Villain
21. Antibug
22. Kung Food
23. Jackady/Simon Says
24. Volpina
25. Ladybug et Chat Noir - Origins Part 1
26. Coeur de Pierre/Stone Heart - Origins Part 2

ADDENDUM: Please read this before you ask me to change the order.

The Evillustrator: I had this sudden urge in the middle of gym class to draw Nath and ended up drawing an angry tomato child. I did the whole thing in pen and watercolor and was just like; “where was all this ability to draw with pen back during inktober???”

The face that launched the ship

So I’m watching Evillustrator (Le Dessinateur) and came across this scene.

What’s with Chat’s face?  I mean, he sees this girl every day.  Is he surprised that Ladybug wants him to protect someone he knows in his civilian life?  I think that’s part of it, but I also think it’s more complicated.

Sure, he sees Marinette daily, but 90% of the time he sees her like this:

That’s quite the difference.  When she’s talking to him, she’s usually nervous and going from one emotion to the next so quickly it’s a surprise she doesn’t get whiplash.  Her arms are also either flailing or held close to her body.

Whereas in the picture, she’s focused, confident and open.

…Kind of like the traits he fell for in Ladybug…


The Appeal of Marichat

Ahh, the so-called “sin ship” of the love square, and perhaps the most divisive due to its nature. It’s also one of the two sides that we don’t see as often as the other two.

So then, what’s the appeal of Marichat?

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When Chloé adopts Ladybug’s moves.

Stormy Weather / Climatika

Pixelator / Numéric


The Evillustrator / Le Dessinateur