It’s already the 1st in Japan so guess whose birthday is it?! 

This is the banner I made for birthdayfree, featuring Iwatobi and Samezuka desserts and, of course, everybody’s favourite ball of sunshine 🐧 Happy birthday Nagisa!

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longlive-us asked:

yo I saw your post about dessert recipes. You ever try oreo balls? Just crush up a package of oreos and mix with a block of cream cheese. Stick it in the freezer while you melt down some chocolate almond bark. (if you use white chocolate almond bark, you can add orange food coloring to make the oreo balls look like little pumpkins). After that, just roll the oreo mix into balls an dip them in the almond bark. The recipe can make anywhere from 50-80 depending on how you size them

My friend, you had me at “oreos and a block of cream cheese”. I’m gonna try that, thanks!