13.2.16 Morning to evening! Spent all day doing my student blog so very bored for a lot of it! Haven’t been on my phone in hours because I use the Forest App. It’s really good I really recommend it! Rewarding myself with seeing Deadpool with @bilbototallybuggins tonight! Xxx emily

90/100 | Thursday 11 February 2016

  • Had a day of workshops at work as it’s a shorter month, which equates to less fun time.
  • Went over last year’s Japanese again as my next course is about to begin in a couple of weeks!
  • Walked and jogged furbaby at night as the day’s workout.

My study space // 31-1-2016
January has generally been insane for me, so many things happened within one month. It was a month of constantly challenging myself to get better. I slept less (I had too), I explored more, I studied intensely, I took more photos that the previous months, I developed better habits, I laughed a lot, but also cried some more.
There where hella productive days, but there also days that I didn’t feel like getting up from bed. Everyone has days like that, and we need to accept it. We are not machines, we are humans and we all need some rest every now and then. Learn to love your procrastinating self, as well as your productive one -just don’t overdo it. Before you start any project, assignment or any errand, make peace with yourself, and appreciate every tiny bit of effort you put in it. You’ll have a better time completing your task.
I hope February is gonna be a good month as well, for me, and you too!


30.1.16 This is what’s in my desk drawers! The drawers are from ikea and the trays are cutlery trays from ikea. The top is my most used stationary, especially markers. They have to be stored horizontally. There was space below for larger things like my 50cm ruler, calculator, and my favourite sketchbook! My second drawer is all of my notebooks and sketchbooks in size order! Down from that are thing I use a lot for projects like my mouse and camera and paints. And the bottom drawer is paper I pick up and could use, stencils and my glue gun!