Vincenzo de Cotiis’s new home.

This 18th-century palazzo apartment was love at first sight for Italian architect and artist Vincenzo de Cotiis and his wife, as It is located in their favorite area of Milan, that is the old neighbourhood of Magenta and, as they wanted, still retained the original features that they have preserved, after the renovation. According to his aesthetics, now the interior looks really chic and sophisticated, with an eclectic decor, a clever use of mirrors and brass, Brazilian marble, great art pieces, design icons and remarkable vintage furniture and, of course, stunning pieces designed by himself.

Black and white interiors from Made By Cohen and Robson Rak Architects#mid century, #architecture, #MCM, #modern, #design, #modernism


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Box Clock, 1816. USA. Invented by Seth Thomas, made by Eli Terry Sr. National Museum of American History, 

Invented in Europe just before 1300, the mechanical clock was for centuries a rarefied symbol of wealth and power. By the nineteenth century, several Connecticut inventors, including Eli Terry, were producing less expensive timepieces for the growing middle class. But it was Terry who effectively advanced clock making from craft to factory process. Via CooperHewitt