Make It Or Break It

American artist James Bullough has created a series of beautiful paintings of the human body which shows the use of a specific technique to reflect pain. The artist believes that pain transcends our body and is something much more than being a physical sensation. His artworks are like a connecting thread, showing the world how psyche is in symbiosis with the physique.

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The Lone Silhouette 

Nate Hill, an Australian artist has created a mystical photographic series called “Twisted Landscapes.” In his  mysterious series, two things remain constant, silhouette of a lone figure and the use of spherical element.

The photographer depicts the outline of a man who is miniature in size, when compared to the vastness of his surroundings.  Whether the figure is placed at the centre of what may seem like moss green mountains or swirls of lavenders, the man is always afar, facing the nature and its beauty.

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As this lovely anon requested, here is my take on the churros quote from SDCC this weekend! There is a colored version with a watercolor look and a plain white version. Both versions are available on my Redbubble account.


For my senior thesis project in design I created a series of posters advertising various works of opera. I was heavily inspired by vintage storybook illustration and woodblock printing. I chose a textured, recycled paper for the posters to be printed on, and the illustrations have flakes of color missing to give them a woodblock printed, old-fashioned and aged feel.