From Michigan, USA:

“Now, a common thing with most brown kids is that the relationship with our dads isn’t really there. And the relationship that is there is usually a superficial one that relies on education and grades. It makes sense, considering our parents went through a lot to get to the position they are in today in the U.S., but that means they didn’t have a lot of time to focus developing emotionally. So honestly I was never really expecting my dad to ‘get it’ and I didn’t plan on telling him ever. I told my mom back in 2015 to stop her from getting some poor girl to marry me. And of course, she told my dad. But…he took it surprisingly well. He was worried about me because my behavior had been changing recently and he noticed. He let me know that he still loves me and that nothing has changed for him. It was a really shocking moment because as a queer person who lives in a pretty conservative, rather strict Muslim household, I never even remotely thought that an open reaction like this was even in the realm of possibility. But, alhamdulillah, people surprise you.”