brbcheckingmyprivilege, cassava is traditional Brazilian edible root.

The cassava is smashed, clean, and then coked in a giant frying pan alike oven.(My grand parents have one cassava flour “fabric” at home)

The cassava flour is used on Brazil as a dressing for meals, but can also by used to make “farofa” which sometimes it’s just the flour seasoned

With meat 

Or beans (that can also have meat)

The farofa is actually a traditional dressing for ”Feijoada” a soup alike meal made with black beans and pig meat, that also dressed with braised cabbage, coked rice and orange slices to help in the digestion.

Cassava can also by served fried

But it doesn’t here my friend!

The cassava is actually tasteless, because of that it can be also used for desserts and sweet things!

The Beiju is kinda of a biscuit, made with the cassava starch in a frying pan, originally made by our native indians.

The cassava starch can be also used to make “Tapioca”, is kinda of a taco, but can be used for salty and sweet recipes

And finally the Cassava starch can be used to make “Sagu” which can be used for deserts using wine or juice, i also heard that can be used for soups. 

So basically cassava it’s pretty much the most awesome thing ever.