Desert Rose Motel, Las Vegas, May 1979.

Demolished in the mid-90s to make way for Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino, Desert Rose had been a family business on the strip going back to the early 50s. The sign is now at the Neon Museum. Photos by Toon Michiels from American Neon Signs by Day and Night.


Another late one, but not as bad as the last one’s (I hope). @gemsona-hq​ ‘s September challenge was Desert Rose. This was perfect because I had planned on making one since I have a desert rose in my rock collection. Desert Rose’s design is based on the specimen I had.  I also ended up designing a pearl for her. Many people who saw their design concepts remarked how very disney-esque they are. I took full advantage on that with their poses LOL. 

So Desert Roses are rare aristocratic Gems who run rehabilitation centers. They help “fix” Gems who start to lose their way (a.k.a they’r e planning on defecting from Homeworld). On top of that, Desert Roses have the ability to revert a Gem to their “default setting” by erasing their gemstone’s information (memories, personality, etc). They perform this via sand manipulation where sand swarms the gemstone and gradually pull away memories grain by grain. This just an extra precaution that the Gem will go back to performing the duties they were made for. 

My Desert Rose is a Gem who upholds the standards set by Homeworld and makes sure others follow suit. She’s all about grace and self-control, but is prone to losing her cool. Despite her motherly disposition, Desert Rose is stuck up and can’t settle on anything other than perfect (and will force this on to her subjects). Her pearl is relatively the same, but with a more bloated ego. Rosebud Pearl loves to spread gossip about other Gems, especially when they’re not around. Every now and then, she’ll help Desert Rose assist her subjects (mainly other pearls). Many of Desert Rose’s subjects were primarily rare or held aristocratic statuses. After the war and their current resource crisis, however, Homeworld has been giving her facility plenty more Gems to “correct”. An absolutely terrible Gem in every way. 

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Desert Rose Sculpture

This stunning piece is happily sitting on its bespoke stand at the Venusrox showroom.

However you choose to enjoy your crystals, whether you believe in the energy they hold, or if you wish to enjoy them for their outstanding beauty alone, we are passionate about choosing our stones to ensure each and every one is amazing - just like these fabulous Desert Rose pieces…

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