Desert Gold

Kick your Heels up,

You are only as Strong as your Level of Commitment to Self Care

Woman in Bloom
Carrizo Plain, CA

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@hynpos Mythology Event
Favorite Egyptian Deity → Anubis

Cry out to Anubis as the jackal cries out to the desert! With gentle hands He rips out the heart, the mind and gilds them in golden jars. With firm grip is the linen wrapped around our fragile bodies. Amulets of copper, gold, lapis and carnelian are tucked between the folds to guide our ka to the afterlife. Gentle God, keep us from fading into the starry Duat; may Your sacred words guide us to Osiris.


Sandstones lighting up at sunrise, Arches National Park

@hynpos Mythology Event
Favorite Egyptian Mythological Creature → The Sphinx

And thus the creature spoke, voice soft and low;

What crawls on fours through the morning
Walks on twos to the day
And gallivants on threes
into the night?

The traveler thought and thought. ‘Be careful.’ the winged Sphinx warned. 'Answer incorrectly and I will devour your ignorant tongue as a snack.’