Pink prince. 

This was just some doodle that I decided to finish. Apparently all I want to draw is Dirk, Jake, both or Jade… Even though there’s a lot of other great characters too (all of them), that I haven’t drawn yet.


Balanced Derse Dreamer
        Under midnight skies you awaken, though it is clear you are entirely asleep. You take in the new surroundings of Delphic maroon and abysmal violet. Your new surroundings don’t make you scared and confused. You have a strange and simple acceptance, perhaps even appreciation of them. Here, in these crystalline towers, or perhaps over them, hovering in the listlessly darkened sky, you can see fit to be as good a place as any to perform any number of your fantastically unrelated skills. Of which you have many. 
        You are the balanced Derse dreamer, allowing you to take things in stride more often than not, with out a care. Less often than not, you know what you want, and you get it because you can. Even you, have a weaker side, yours often being your habit of reflecting on past mistakes, but you have the capability to override your doubts fairly easily. Although the personality you possess isn’t simple by nature, you are surprisingly straightforward. You might feel lonely often, because of how purposely different you are from everyone else. Not to fear. You are destined to be loved, and loved more than you know already. 
        Of the beta kids, the Balanced Derse dreamer is Dave. Whether or not your personality matches to his directly, your thought process and routine style are apt to be similar. You may well be right in the conclusion that you are not the hero in this story. But whether you like it or not, you will be the winner. Play your cards carefully, good luck!

Balanced Prospit Dreamer


T)(e Dance on Derse

Feferi Ballgown Dreamers designed by Mookie000

Eridan Fancy Dreamers designed by Rumminov

Created&Colored by Me

This was another episode happened in our AU ‘Returnstuck’: the Dance on Derse. Me and my Eridan had created that scene on the melody of “El Tango de Roxanne”. If it would be necessary I’ll translate the role {ita-eng}, meanwhile… )(ope you lik—E IT! <3


Remember that short period of time where all the Homestucks were typing angry paragraphs about “The Hat Hat”? Well I’ve waited patiently for someone to finally mention all of the other amazing Homestuck products at We Love Fine and nothing! 

T-shirts will be added tomorrow after the Homestuck design contest ends but this is everything they have on sale so far.

Tumblr: welovefineshirts



No one said it’d be easy, to get this far.
And if it isn’t meant to be, we’ll just have to defy destiny.

Jane Crocker // peachberri
Dirk Strider // lovejoker
Roxy Lalonde // mostflogged
Jake English // kitsunedolly
Photographers// 1: wisecraxx / 2: orangeharo / 3:cyberbird / 4:Lionel Lum

Thanks for the fun times this year guys, here’s to getting ready for more!