So, both Uchrath and Dinoa ended up with these large, shiney red eggs last session. And they are some sort of mythical, rare firebird. No one actually knows what they look like. They don’t even have a set name. When they hatch, will they be wondrously gorgeous or  derptastic? We just don’t know. So, one interpretation of what it could be hiding in that egg: part emu, part secretary bird, part peacock (though that part ended a bit more turkey), part potoo.

To the Birthday Boy - Jonathan Toews

If you survived that video, there’s more.

Here we have Tazer in his natural habitat:

He does similarly questionable things while drunk:

Jonathan Toews enjoys consuming his alcohol in interesting ways.

He is also known to mistake fellow hockey players for chairs.

Captain not-so-Serious lets loose, sometimes.

Our captain is also a notoriously talented dancer:

From enthusiastic fist-pumping

and the Tazer Moonwalk,

to whatever this is

He does it all, and then some:

And of course, he’s pretty derptastic:

Honestly, not much has changed since this:

became this:

Happy 26th, Tazer. In the words of Joey the Junior Reporter, your long lost son, stay beautiful.

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So, like. Vorkosigan Saga and Homestuck. Where to start.

Of course, there’s multiple ways to swing the crossover– can you imagine immortal gods Jade and John and Rose and Dave futzing around in their created universe, and Rose takes interest in a particular funny little man who keeps changing the course of history? Or, of course, they could be born to the universe– Rose and Dave are suave galactics of some sort (I’m leaning towards Betan Rose), Jade’s a wildcat wormhole jumper, John could be from anywhere and his derps would remain derptastic.

You could have humanity’s first contact with aliens be between the Cetagandan empire and HIC’s flagship. You could have the Midnight Crew as a minor but rising House on Jackson’s Whole, in direct competition with the Felt. You could have the trolls as a whole be Barrayaran, instead of alien, set something during the Cetagandan invasion…


(also Rose/By is still an amazing idea wow)