Dermot O'Leary

This is not suitable for work or really anywhere where there are people who might offended.

Remember way back when C4 use to have these ad segments during breaks with stars of their network (at this time Scrubs, The OC, Without a Trace, The West Wing amongst their British talent such Kirstie & Phil from Location, Location, Location, Kim & Aggie and many more) who would answer random questions but you wouldn’t hear/see the questions, just their answers. I have a bunch of these saved on a DVD at home because I’m weird.

This is the one that never made it to air but did see life online shortly. Please enjoy the C4 Fave Swear ad.


The X Factor // Favourite Moments

↳ Dermot and Holly - water slide 


One Direction are on the X Factor UK final and Dermot is asking them how they’ve been doing since they left the show in 2010.
You’re watching the show backstage and you smile as he reaches your boyfriend, Harry.
“So, Harry” Dermot smiles “You’ve been in the media the most just lately, with your new girlfriend, Y/N. We’ve also seen a picture you posted on instagram of her cooking the other day. Can I come and stay for dinner? Do you think she’d mind?”.
Harry’s all too familiar cheeky grin spread across his face, revealing his dimples and you sit forward on your seat.
“Oh, you wouldn’t want to. She’s not very good at cooking” he chuckles. “She’s worse than me”.
You shake your head from side to side, still smiling. He would so pay for that comment later.
“She’s even worse?!” Demot laughs.
*Gif* “Even worse, yeah”.
Dermot let out a small laugh “You’ll probably regret saying that.” He turns back to the face the camera “Right, well it’s a pleasure to have you back on the show as always. Give it up for One Direction”.
The crowd start clapping and Harry leant towards Dermot’s mic and looked into the camera with a smirk “I love you, Y/N. Your cooking’s not that bad”.