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Quick recap of Harry on BBCR2′s Saturday Breakfast with Dermot O’Leary (starts at 1:34) for @jlf23tumble and anyone else who missed it!

I’m only writing down stuff we didn’t hear in any other interviews so far so this won’t be too long:

  • Harry’s a morning person, usually gets up before 8am
  • He talked again about how putting the single out is like giving birth, I love it
  • They weren’t sure at first if they wanted to put SOTT out first or keep it for later
  • One song on the album he wrote about 3 years ago
  • Talks about writing the song, playing the piano himself, writing with the guys from his new band and how he felt comfortable with them, learning from them and being inspired by them as a musician
  • DERMOT MENTIONED JAY I’M CRYING not her death or anything and Harry didn’t say anything about her, Dermot just mentioned she once said “my son went off to X Factor and never came back home” and they talked about Harry taking some time off at the start of the hiatus. But I’m still crying tho
  • He misses performing and touring and he looks forward to doing it again at some point
  • Dermot asked him which Paul McCartney song to play and Harry chose Maybe I’m Amazed because he’s a GIANT SAP
  • The album will be out soon-ish, he didn’t want to wait too long
  • Doing Dunkirk was one of the best experiences of his life, he loved being the new guy, being out of his comfort zone and not having any idea what he was doing

And because I know you care:

  • No mention of girls or exes or dating
  • No mention of any babies other than the song
  • Harry: My other plans consist mainly of coming to yours for dinner.
  • Dermot: Excellent. What do I have to cook?
  • Harry: I'll let your wife cook cause I've had your cooking before.
  • Dermot: That is so out of order cause you know I'm the daddy when it comes to that.
  • Harry: You look better in an apron.
i figured out how larries can reblog that picture of harry smiling while he hugs simon cowell aka Boss Dude™

they just say it’s dermot.

yes he HATES simon cowell

@too-old-for-this-ship – knowing now that it’s simon, how sweet is it how much harry loves him????? #body language experts

X Factor Live Shows Week 1(Saturday)

I’m sad to see Spencer go, specially because I think Sam was worse, but Spancer was never the best either (neither of the boys this year is particularly incredible)

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I agree that Grace was AMAZING, but my best was Holly

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But the real winner was the new stage!

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Now it’s just wait for tomorrow to see Tracy and Jack & Joel killing it

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