Deric Lostutter, the notorious Anonymous hacker who outed high school football players in the groundbreaking Steubenville rape case, emailed me last night to say, “I am firing my lawyer, wondering if you wanted to break the story, homelessness and sexwork involved.” Of course, I said yes.

Finding work has been hard ever since he gained notoriety, so the 28-year-old has started camming with his wife

This isn’t about being a man or a woman. This is about being a human being. Every person who stands with rape survivors is a hero we desperately need, and every person shamed into silence is a voice we can’t afford to lose. By threatening Deric with 10-25 years, our government is sending the message that we should stay silent or else. By standing with him today, we give our response: a long as rape culture exists, we will never be silenced – and we will never stop fighting.
—   Melanie Jones on Deric Lostutter, Democracy Now Live
200,000 People Don't Want This Anonymous Hacker To Go To Prison

Deric Lostutter – the self-described Anonymous hacker who helped expose the Steubenville, Ohio rapists – faces a significant amount of prison time if convicted, but has a great deal of support. On Monday, activists delivered a petition with 200,000 to signatures to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Columbus, demanding that the case against Lostutter be dropped.

A lesson in humility

Usually when I get a call its a call to rip me a new asshole for some sort of battle I am fighting with trolls on the internet, but tonight was different. We actually sat down, and talked to the roots of my mentality, and why I felt I had to fight everyone.

1) I am my own problem. Im responsible for giving these trolls the time of day, and an audience, and it stops now.

2) The movie isnt about me, but through my actions I have made some feel I feel that way, The movie is about the horrifying attack on a young lady, who survives an attempt to cover it up, upon which I played a small part in helping stop their actions. Its about her. Her bravery, Her survival.

3) I fight with people out of habit, I fight with people growing up for survival, defense, and sometimes I need to learn when I walk away, I win.

4) They dont exist when the laptop is off, so unplug. 

I formally apologize for everything ive done to discredit my humility thus far, as ive struggled with the alchoholism, I have also suffered a stranger addiction, an addiction to be validated by who I ever speak to, and being a public figure, that person is you. Its a problem that I feel I need to prove every aspect of everything to you, instead of just letting you decide for yourself. I apologize for that, and hope to regain your trust not only as supporters, but as friends. 

-Thank you.

Deric Lostutter

Formally KyAnonymous

The Steubenville rape case helped spark a national conversation about victim-blaming and rape culture.

But the victim only got justice because Anonymous leaked significant social media evidence implicating the assailants — and for distributing those tweets, photos, and video, 26-year-old Deric Lostutter faces more prison time than the rapists got themselves.

Lostutter faces up to ten years behind bars if he’s convicted of hacking-relating crimes.  Now he’s gearing up for a costly legal battle — and as he calls for donations, we call on you to give him the nationwide support he needs to win his trial.

The Ohio U.S. Attorney’s office and the DOJ are sending a dangerous message to men who stand up : Don’t get involved, or else. Let them know we still stand with Deric: Sign your support for his actions and oppose sending him to prison, now!

MESSAGE FOR U.S. ATTORNEY AND DOJ: We support Deric’s whisleblowing at Steubenville, and urge you to note our nationwide support when deciding whether to charge him for his act of courage.

(via We Stand With Deric Lostutter: Support the Steubenville Whistleblower Now!)
Exclusive: Leader of Anonymous Steubenville Op on Being Raided by the FBI

If convicted of hacking-related crimes, Lostutter could face up to 10 years behind bars—far more than the one- and two-year sentences doled out to the Steubenville rapists. Defending himself could end up costing a fortune—he’s soliciting donations here.

Apparently hacking is a far more heinous crime than rape.