derek hale rare pair week - day four: missing scenes/au (dallison -> batman and catwoman)

The villain scrambles to her feet, her cat costume seemingly untouched. How she does that, he doesn’t know; his suit hangs loosely from his chest in pieces, the bat entirely clawed out. “How could you?” Allison asks, her voice breaking. She cradles her face in her hand and, as if the city can sense her fragility, behind her Gotham’s streets are empty and somber in the dead of night. “I’m a woman.”

Derek swallows. His fist throbs from where it hit her face, but he’s sure her cheek hurts worst. “I’m sorry,” he says hoarsely. “I’m…”

But her red lips turn into a devilish grin, and she grabs him by the costume and pulls him close until their faces are about an inch away, their cold breath mingling in the air. She looks even better up close, he’s always thought so, and so he can’t help it as he leans forward a little, so that their noses almost touch. “As I was saying,” she purrs, “I’m a woman, and I can’t be taken for granted.” She flicks her claws for emphasis before sinking them into his shirt. “Life’s a bitch, now so am I,” she says calmly, before tossing him across rooftop as an end to the conversation.

Two AM

‘Hey, you’re up late,’ Allison said. It was mostly dark in the kitchen save for the lights of the tiny Christmas tree on the breakfast bar.

'Did you get your paper finished?’ Derek asked as he bit the head off a gingerbread man.

'Derek its two in the morning and you’re eating Christmas confectionery!’ Allison said.

'I was hungry,’ Derek said. He dropped his eyes and tapped his thumb against the worktop. 'I had another nightmare.’

'Derek,’ Allison wrapped her hand around her husbands neck.

'It’s okay, I’m okay. I was just hungry,’ Derek said.

'Did you get any sleep?’ Allison eased herself into the space between Derek’s body and the table.

'Maybe a couple of hours,’ Derek said. He let his hand slide underneath Allison’s hoodie, looking for warm skin.

'Will you come back to bed?’ Allison pleaded. Normally Derek would just stay up if one of his nightmares woke him but he agreed to go back to bed.

Allison fell asleep quickly and Derek held her for hours. Allison slept soundly whilst Derek tried and failed to forget the acrid taste of the desert and the screams of injured soldiers. He didn’t close his eyes for fear of what he might see.

I'm In Your Church At Night

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Derek x Allison (this is my first time writing this pairing, also my first time writing for a television show not a book so just, be aware of that)

It happens over the summer and neither of them speak about it to anyone but when she’s in the classroom and he’s across from her and Scott’s right there it’s all she can think about and she knows that it’s all he can think about too.

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