i start watching TV shows for two reasons


  • it has a hot guy/ship that i want to look at


  • it has amazing writing and complex,complicated and messed up characters/relationships

(but then there’s TVD which is just a really bad habit i cannot shake off)

03.14.15 Julie. Los Feliz.

Typically not something I enjoy in photography, the random chances with the equipment of photography, but the Sprocket Rocket sometimes creates these really interesting “flaws” that turn a photo into something unique and more than it was before.

You can see there are light leaks that came through the sprocket hols, almost creating a trailing effect along the lower sprockets. To me, it creates this odd dream like a effect, like a flash was popped in a fluid ocean of dream and this was the result. Like I said, I’m not the kind of photographer that would really use expired film, flawed cameras or inconsistent technology, and hope for the magic of happenstance; but with the Sprocket Rocket, I the unique flaws it brings to an image are contained enough that they can be relied on to add rather than distract. Its one of those things that makes such a simple camera a great camera. 


S/G/N = Scott’s Girlfriend’s Name ———

S/G/N: Derek, please tell me the truth. Do you have real feelings for me?

Derek: *silence*

S/G/N: Fine, don’t say anything. Just do this at least. If I’m crazy and reading too much into this anchor thing then ignore me, don’t look at me. But if I’m not crazy, and there is something more then please, just look at me.

Derek: *knows he shouldn’t look at her. She’s Scott’s girlfriend. And yet…he looks at her*


Requested by anonymous


B.B. King performing live at the Royal Albert Hall, London

photography: Dan Griffiths


Derek Woods- a California based photographer, who photographs women, nude women, specifically. It is not necessarily his photographs that inspire me, but the way he talks about them. He does not see his work as “nude portraits of women” (which very many people do). He sees them as “portraits of women in their own skin”. Though these photos can be, and some are, very sexually perceived, I feel that Derek never photographs a nude woman with the mindset of “this is a sexual being”. He photographs these ladies as beings- beautiful beings. Also, he experiments with different types of cameras. For 2014, he shot only with his Leica. For this year, 2015, he is shooting with only Lomography cameras- Sprocket Rockets (which this photo was shot with), Holgas, Dianas, etc… to show that it does not rely on the type of camera you have, but on your skill as a photo-maker to produce good work.