Derek Wills

Bombshell Shock // Ivy + Derek

Each time the door to her hospital room creaked open, Ivy sat up hopefully in bed. And, each time, when she saw it was only a nurse checking in on her, she slumped back against her pillow. She kept her phone clutched in her hand, compulsively checking for another message from Derek.

She was conflicted about seeing him. On one had, she was still pissed off that he hadn’t told her about Karen and Bombshell, that she’d had to learn about it on Twitter. On the other… after exchanging texts with him, she suddenly realized how much she genuinely wanted to see him. And he got a private jet to bring him home faster, she reminded herself. He actually dropped what he was doing, arranged a private jet, and came straight to me.

Where is he? she wondered. He’d said he’d be here in ‘a few.’ But that was nearly an hour ago…

And she was scared. Really scared. Derek was domineering; he was arrogant; he lacked the most basic level of human empathy at times. But… But he was calm and self-assured in moments of crisis. Right then, Ivy realized that was exactly what she needed.

So what if we spend all night yelling at each other, she sighed to herself. I just want him here. Her eyes flicked back to the door. Minutes ticked by. Eventually, her eyelids started to droop. I’ll just close my eyes for a second. Just for one second…