Dating Derek Discanio Would Include

Request: pale-n-punk- Hey! I couldn’t find your ask box so I was just going to send a request through here. I saw the small blurb you wrote about Derek and please just write more. Like just things Derek would do as a boyfriend; any style you prefer xx

A/N: Okay this literally made my day!! I thought that no one even saw that blurb or cared about it, even though it’s one of my favourite things ever. I love Derek so freaking much and I’m just so excited to write this. Plus, it’s quick and easy to write! Also, finding a gif for this was one of the hardest thing ever, I literally cried going through them and stumbled upon Derek’s girlfriend (ish) person Lacey. -Kat

Derek Being Your Boyfriend Would Include:

• Him supporting you 100% on everything you do

• You doing just the same

• Listen to him go on and on about how excited he is for a new song, video, album, etc.

• Him listening to you about anything you want to talk about ever


• Hugs from behind

• Grabbing stuff off of high shelves for you

• Facetiming when he’s on tour

• PDA only around the band to annoy them

• Derek getting jealous

• Him thinking you’re too good for him

• Him getting insecure

• Helping each other deal with hate

• Him getting the dopiest grins on his face when asked about you in interviews

• Watching him play hockey

• Him teaching you to play hockey

• Doing tricks on his skateboard to impress you

• Watching him be adorable with the peewee hockey players his dad coaches

• Him teaching you guitar

• Helping him write songs

• Being really good friends with his mom

• Him loving your relationship with his mom

• His fans calling you mom


• Bringing you flowers just because

• Playing videogames together

• Playing flip cup

•Hosting and going to a lot of parties

• Him being protective

• You being the responsible one in the relationship

• Loving each other with every fiber of your beings

• Being literal goals 24/7 with  just being yourselves