You stood around the table with the rest of the pack–all of you were trying to figure out the best way to get into the bank.

“Why don’t I just go in?” you asked getting bored with their arguing. This had been going on for awhile and you just wanted to go home. “No!” Derek and Stiles shouted at the same time, you recoiled back in your seat at the sudden outburst.

“This is dangerous (y/n)! Weren’t not sending a human into an Alpha pack’s den! Out of the question, you’re not going I don’t care if I have to tape you to the chair you’re in right now.” Derek said using his alpha voice. 

You rolled your eyes and threw your head back in your seat–apparently that wasn’t the wisest thing to do because it sent Derek into an angry rant. “This is something serious. We can’t risk anyone who isn’t specially trained or skilled. We’re not sending you and that’s final. Now you either accept that and move on or you sit there and shut up but remember no matter what, you’re not going.” He all but roared, you let out a long sigh.

“So Scott is specially trained?” You asked sarcastically. “Werewolf or not, Scott isn’t the one who knows how to hide his scent, lower his heartbeat so that it’s almost undetectable. Besides, we all know breaking and entering is my specialty. No offense Scott.” You shot back lazily. 

“No means no.” He said through gritted teeth. You rolled your eyes and got up to get a glass out water. 

“Look no matter what you say we all know that I’m the best chance for success, just let me go in and I’ll be back out with Boyd and Erica before you know it, and more importantly: before they know it. I’m quick on my feet and I can get the job done just as easily as you ca-” Before you knew it Derek caught hold of you and pulled your lips roughly to his. 

His hands roamed and he lifted you up–you wrapped your legs around his waist and ran your fingers through his hair. You didn’t know how long the kiss lasted but after you heard someone clear their throat for the seventh time you pulled away.

You looked around the room and made eye contact with Stiles, who wore an expression that was a cross between anger and shock. “What the hell was that!” He shouted in a tone that matched his expression. 

“Mind your own business lil bro, this doesn’t concern you.” You said as you fixed your clothes. You saw Derek wipe away the lipstick and smirked a bit. 

“So what’s the plan?” You asked changing the subject.

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Move a Mountain by ZainClaw


I have wanted to draw a fanart of that fanfic for so damn long ;u;!!!
how couldn’t I, I mean it’s just so damn perfect >u< and now I decided to reread it and draw one fanart for each chapter (i hope I’ll manage that :“D)

Thank you again Zain for writing this!! this will forever be one of my fave fics!


I’m currently writing a paper on queerbaiting and fandom/TPTB interaction using Teen Wolf & Sterek as my case study but I made some graphs so I thought I might as well share.

First two show viewer ratings (Nielsen) found on Teen Wolf wiki.

The pie chart and bar graph are self-explanatory.

The last bar graph is the same as one above, just w/out the viewer rating.

I will be looking at Sterek found on FanFiction & deviantART next. No deductions made so far. Thats something I gotta work on later once I get the numbers.