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Derek for the info thing


Full Name: Derek Maverick
Gender and Sexuality: Nonbinary, pansexual
Pronouns: they/them or he/him
Ethnicity/Species: Latino/South asian mix
Birthplace and Birthdate: neither are really set, depends on the universe. in the BL AU he’s from Pandora, in the Fallout AU he’s from Boston. his age is always mid to late 20s though
Guilty Pleasures: sleeping. all the time. everywhere. he just wants to sleep.
Phobias: spiders. fucking spiders. fuck them. also scorpions. fuck them too.
What They Would Be Famous For: depends on the AU. in his main universe, probably nothing. in the BL AU, also probably nothing except maybe working for Scooter as a mechanic?? in the Fallout AU, for being the sole survivor and siding with the railroad.
What They Would Get Arrested For: probably stealing a lot of stuff from a lot people in both BL and FO aus. probably for working as a spy in his main universe.
OC You Ship Them With: so many. But mostly Felony, Lawrence, Radiojac, Daniel, and a handful of canon BL and FO characters because i’m garbage.
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: everyone wants to murder him.
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: he doesn’t reads a lot.
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: N/A
Talents and/or Powers: painting, great mechanic, experienced in melee combat, really good flirt, has a great sense of humor and his constant tired/sleepy expression only makes it funnier.
Why Someone Might Love Them: he’s sincere, straightforward and is really honest to his companions. he takes no shit, but still defends people he think are innocent. he’s also sarcastic as shit and really funny and people are attracted to that sometimes. he’s also ALWAYS chill and almost nothing upsets him, so it’s just generally pleasing to have him around.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: he’s lazy. too lazy. so lazy it’s a pain in the ass to defend him in combat in both the BL and FO aus. he’s always ignoring most of his responsibilities and would rather just sleep all day. he’s also a slob, so people who love to have everything organized would never be able to live with someone like him.
How They Change: he’s always been really relaxed but for a long time he didn’t really… care. about people in general. he was very selfish.
he slowly started to care more about other people instead of only himself as the stories progressed, to the point he started fighting for what he believed was right–freeing people, protecting the innocent, that sorta hero talk. now he really cares about everyone deeply, and his life isn’t only about him.
Why You Love Them: hes my baby!!! my main character in everything. i love him to bits. i guess you just get attached to your main characters sometimes.

Meredith: «Tu mi hai urlato contro senza nessuna ragione e poi te ne sei andato e adesso ti rifai vivo?“
Derek: «Certo che mi rifaccio vivo, perché non dovrei? Non ti fidi di me?»
Meredith: «Si, mi fido.»
Derek: «Perché è così che funziona, a volte si litiga e poi ci si chiede scusa!»
Meredith: «Io come posso saperlo questo?»
Derek: «Non ci sei mai passata?»
Meredith: «No! Io non ci sono mai passata!»
Derek: «D'accordo! Allora facciamo così..d'ora in avanti, tu devi aspettarti che mi faccia vivo, anche se io ho urlato o se hai urlato tu..Mi farò sempre vivo,ok?»
—  Grey’s Anatomy.