500~word~quickie: I met my Soulmate at the DMV

For @sterektrashbag

A well manicured hand slapped against Stile’s leg, followed by a sharp look from the blonde girl sitting to his left. He furrowed his brow and tried to feign innocence; it wasn’t his fault he was bored, sleep deprived, hungry, and out of adderall. Honestly, she should’ve known better than to bring the guy with ADHD to the DMV.

“Stiles, one: you’re the only one who was free to take me to get my license renewed, two: you’re talking out loud again.” He blinked in astonishment as Erica gave him the most unimpressed look she could muster at eight in the morning on a Friday, weeks into summer vacation.

“You’re welcome, by the way,” he groused, rubbing his eyes drowsily. “I could be sleeping, Erica, don’t you realize I could be sleeping right this very moment? Until dark, even.” She laughed despite his dramatics and began to fish her wallet out of her purse, pens, candy wrappers, and crumpled receipts falling out in the process. Erica pursed her lips and rolled her eyes.

“Thanks for bringing me here, by the way. You’re wonderful and I love you. Now, go get us some coffee from that place next door, asshole.” The blonde smirked, handing him a ten dollar bill. Stiles rolled tookes, taking the money from her, and heaved himself out of the uncomfortable hard-plastic chair that had slowly been making his back ache.

“Alright, no need to be mean, I’ll be right back-don’t go anywhere.” He stuck his tongue out at her and laughed, shuffling himself towards the exit. She flipped him off, adding a quick, “Don’t screw up my order, handsome: a tall, caramel, ice-”

 “Iced, macchiato with extra caramel and soy milk. Yeah, yeah, I got it.” Stiles finished in a sing-song voice. He pushed open the grungy door to the even more grungy building and into the blinding California sunlight, setting off towards caffeine-filled salvation.

“Too damn bright, too damn early, too damn…hot.” Stiles froze as he walked into the air conditioned building, his gaze falling upon the most attractive human being he’d ever seen in his short, seventeen year old life.

“Welcome to Hale and Back Coffee.” A tall, dark haired Adonis of a man was standing behind the counter, wearing a black uniform and teal apron. His sleeves were rolled up to expose tan, muscular forearms. He had a strong, sharp jawline that was lightly covered with stubble, blue eyes, and large eyebrows furrowed into concentration on the whirring blender in front of him. Stiles approached the counter, feeling bold and empowered up until the moment the buff barista turned to see him. He almost looked afraid of Stiles, like the interaction was going to physically hurt him.

“…can I help you?” the handsome brunette asked quietly after a few awkward moments passed. Thankfully the cafe was mostly empty, save for a girl sitting near the window on her laptop, and a few other employees milling around in the back kitchen. Stiles snapped out of his daze, and smiled apologetically to ‘Derek,’ as his name-tag read.

“I’m sorry, I can’t seem to find what I want on the menu. Maybe you can help?” Stiles looked up at the illuminated sign in a thoughtful manner. The cafe worker raised an eyebrow, and turned to look at the menu himself, as if it held the answers of escaping his current situation.

“What is it you exactly want, sir?” He asked, shortly. Stiles nodded his head as if he had made a decision, and locked his gaze back on the man in front of him.

“See, I wanted your phone number, but I didn’t see it on the menu. Is there a way you can fix my problem? Customer satisfaction is important and all.” Derek’s jaw dropped, as red crept its way up his cheeks and ears, blushing brightly.

“Y-yeah, I think I can help with that.” He smiled shyly, and it was blinding. Stiles grinned back; he was officially a morning person now.

Bonus: “No, Stiles,” Derek groused out, “we aren’t calling the mango frozen tea the ‘mango-go fuck yourself’. ” Stiles sighed, and rolled his eyes.

 “You never let me have any fun, do you, big guy?”

Dating Derek Hale would include . . .
  • hugs from behind
  • him burying his face in your hair when he’s stressed
  • being close with Boyd before he died
  • “Babe,”
  • annoying the life out of Peter
  • and vice versa
  • massages
  • rough kisses 
  • no PDA whatsoever
  • but that’s a totally different story if he’s jealous
  • being his anchor
  • the sarcasm is strong in these two
  • simultaneously yelling “Shut up, Stiles!”
  • actually being pretty close to the pack
  • but preferring to stay with Derek on most days
  • being allowed to drive his car
  • being best friends with Cora
  • him just smirking during your arguments
  • “You’re hot when you’re mad, babe.”
  • “I’m going to rip your throat out with my teeth.”
  • “You’re going to have to stand in line.”
  • attempting to cheer him up during his bad moods
  • him waking up in the middle of the night to check on you
  • him refusing to give you the Alpha bite if you hadn’t already gotten it
  • lots of sparring together
  • it usually ends up with him on top of you, breathing heavily
  • or vice versa
  • and then cue the rough make out session
Accidental Confession

A Sterek prompt I found made by @captain-snark, and I FINALLY got down to it. I was trying to make it into a comic instead, but… didn’t work out. :c So, here’s hoping that I didn’t do too bad. Oh, and @sterektrashbag because I don’t know if the tag for Snark went through. XD I know they follow you, so they’ll see it.

Derek had been feverish for the better part of the week, and definitely wasn’t lucid at all either. His recurring fevers had been so intense that, even though he was on the STILINSKI couch, he kept thinking that Stiles wasn’t really there. 

And, okay, being sick from a wolfsbane overdose would obviously mess with your head, but why would Derek think Stiles wouldn’t be there? No way in hell would he let the poor wolf suffer alone. That, and he was hunkered down at his house, so Stiles couldn’t get away even if he wanted to.

“Y’know,” Derek slurred from his position on the couch, waving a hand around sloppily. Stiles looked up from the floor, his back leaning against the couch with his phone in his hands, to watch the man’s fever flushed face. It was disturbing how open the man’s expression was. “Y’re face is real nice. Di’ you know that?”

Stiles’ breath froze in his chest, his grip on his phone tightening, and Derek peered down at him with glassy eyes. 

“You remin’ me of Paige,” he mumbled absently, and flopped his hand lazily on Stiles’ tense shoulder. “She had lotsa moles an’ didn’t take my crap…”

Derek’s voice faded off as his eyes slowly went half mast, and Stiles blinked stupidly at him.

“Her eyes were brown, too…”

And then the man was unconscious, his mouth falling open slightly to reveal bunny teeth.

Stiles snapped out of his stupor, blinking rapidly as Derek’s words repeated themselves in his head. He sighed quietly and pocketed his phone.

“You don’t even know what you’re saying right now, big guy,” he whispered and pulled up Derek’s blanket that had fallen off his shoulder and chest. “You’d never wanna tell me this if you were in your right mind.”

He reset the cold compress on Derek’s forehead and placed his hand on top of the wolf’s before settling down and letting his head tilt back to rest against his mate’s arm before drifting off as well.

Moonlight love ch.13

Chapter 13
Word Count: 1,836


The two oldest kids looked familiar.  

“What school do you guys go to?” You asked
“Venice High School (lol idk if that is real i made it up)” Ky & Sam said
“Us too, no wonder you look so familiar” You said

The two younger siblings went off somewhere as you and Mark talked to Ky and Sam.  They had a nice looking family, everyone is gorgeous.  Ky had had nice surfer like hair but he was a brunette and had hazel eyes, with really white teeth.  Sam was a gorgeous brunette with brown eyes and skin like honey.  

“So do you have a boyfriend?” Mark asked Sam

His game was so weak.  You rolled your eyes at him.  

“Yea, kinda, he has a girlfriend he’s going to breakup with her soon” She said
“oooo what’s his name?” You smirked wanting some of that tea

When you heard that name your eyes widened.  She couldn’t have been talking about your Derek but it could be true.  He was cheating on you with someone.  

“Uhh doesn’t ring a bell, what’s his last name?” You asked
“Luh” She said
“Yea, never heard of him” You lied
“I have to use the restroom” You said

You walked inside of the house.  

“Excuse, where is your bathroom?” You asked Kate
“Down the hall to the right” She pointed

You walked down the hall and opened the door to the bathroom.  You locked the door behind you and pulled out your phone.  


“Hello?” Lyssa said
“Lyssa, he cheated on me” You cried
“Awe, poor baby where are you?”
“I’m at my mom’s boss’s house, I just found out he was with the daughter”
“Of your mom’s boss?”

You paced back and forth threw the small bathroom.  

“I’m going to chock him” She said
“Do you know when, he did this?” she asked 
“I don’t know, probably somewhere between that month we weren’t together” You said wiping your face

“Babe sorry to cut it to you but he wasn’t cheating, you guys weren’t together, you guys aren’t even together now”

She was right, you and Derek weren’t even dating.  You just knew he had feelings for you.  But he said he loved you and that he wanted to be with you.  Why would say that if he was with someone else.  

“Ok, well I have to go, I will be at your house in 20 I cant stay here” You said
“Ok see you soon”
(Call ended)

You walked out of the bathroom checking if your makeup was running.  But you cleaned it up, it looked a little bad but it was whatever.  You signaled your mom to come to you, she did.  

“What’s wrong?” She said
“Nothing, I just don’t want to stay I feel uncomfortable” You said
“Did someone try something on you?”
“No, no I just cant stay I think I might PMS or something”
“Okay can one of your friends pick up?”
“I can ask”

You pulled your phone out and texted Lyssa.  

Y/N: Hey can u pick me up and we go to ur house? her boss’s house isn’t far from urs

Lyssa: I will.  

You gave her the address and she started to come.  You went back outside to tell everyone goodbye, they asked you why.  You said cramps and a huge headache but you lied.  Lyssa was outside.  You went to the front of the house and jumped to in her car.  

She started to drive.  

“Lyssa where are you going this isn’t the way to your house” You said
“We’re going to Derek, the man whore’s house”
“No, I don’t want to see him, Lyssa”
“Too bad we’re here”

“You cant get me out of the car” You said
“I cant but he can” She said pointing to Nate
You rolled your eyes as Nate opened the car door

“Do you want to do this the hard way or the easy way?” Nate asked
“I hate you two” You said as you got out of the car

You guys walked up to the door, Nate opened it letting you in.  You followed him to the living room and your heart started to pound.  

You turned to Lyssa.  

“I cant do this, I hate him” You said
Your tears ran down your red cheeks.  

“You can, remember him as the guy you loved” Lyssa said
“The guy I loved would never do this to me, Lyssa”
“Just try if you can’t, tell me”
You nodded

You walked into the living room and saw Derek.  You heart dropped.  

“I cant do this, I cant do this” You said to Lyssa
“Yes you can”
“I want to throw everything in sight at him” You said
“Don’t or Nate will make you pay for everything” She said

Derek saw you and got up from the couch.  Water filled your eyes but nothing fell down.  

“I can explain, (y/n)” He said

You nodded your head, not saying a thing.  

“I-I don’t know what to say honestly, just I love you, I did cheat on you but I love you” He said
“When, When did you do it?” You asked
“……..” He was quiet
“Was it when we were dating?”
“After you left from Lyssa’s recovery party, I got drunk”
“You know who had to tell me Derek? my brother, my mom even knew before me” You spat
“I’m sorry” He said putting his head low

“And you won’t believe this, it was my mom’s boss’s daughter, she said that you were going to breakup with me, the girl you so call love, the girl you said you wanted to be with that you would wait forever for her” You said your voice raising

“Baby..-“ He said
“Don’t fucking call me that” You said
“(y/n) i’m sorry, I am, she somehow got my number and texted me, I said that me and my girlfriend were on hold for a bit, she assumed that I wanted her”

“Wow why would she assume shit like that, you have to be skipping something, no-one would just assume that type of thing”

“Okay I talked to her during that month we were broken up, I didn’t think me and you were even a thing anymore, I thought I didn’t have a chance but I found out that you still loved me, I couldn’t look at another girl other then you”

“Are you serious? You just lied to me about lying to me, I cant do this anymore, i’m done Derek” You said

“(y/n) please we can get through this, I want this to work” Derek said
“What if I don’t want this to work this out, Derek you hurt me, we were in love”
“I know but (y/n) we ‘are’ in love”
“I don’t love you anymore” You said

His eyes filled with water.  This was the first time you’ve ever seen him cry.  He was genuinely sad.  It was different, normally you can’t tell if he even gets sad.  But seeing him cry broke your heart.

“(y/n) I love you, please” He begged as the tears fell down his pale skin
“Derek…..You cheated, I don’t know if I can forgive that”

You turned around and left.  You walked out of the house and saw the sun start to set.  Lyssa came behind you.  

The drive to your house was quiet, you thought about Derek.  Should you actually forgive him? Of course it was going to take some time but people go threw things like this all the time.  Derek was the first person you’ve loved in a long time.

The love you guys had was amazing, it was balanced.  Derek was a nice guy but he cheated.  Could you actually forgive someone who cheated?

You guys arrived to your house.  

“So you want to come in?” You asked
“I think you need some time, lets hang out tomorrow though, I love you” Lyssa said
“Okay, Love you too”

You went inside your house and walked up to your room.  You ran a hot bath, lit a candle or two and laid in the warm water.  

You kept thinking about him. The love you guys shared.  You did still love him you lied about not loving him, it was just in the moment you couldn’t stand him.  

The bath was soothing, you got out after 30 minutes of thinking and got dress for bed.  As you got changed your phone rang.  You threw on the rest of your clothes and answered.  It was Nate.  

“Hey, Nate I don’t really feel like talking” You said
“It’s not Nate, before you hang up and block his number just know I love you.  I always will, i’ve never experienced a love so beautiful in my life, (y/n) I just want you to forgive me” Derek said through the phone

“I- Derek, I need time, lots of time, this isn’t something you just rub off, but don’t wait for me because it’s going to be a while” You said
“I know and I respect that” He said
“Bye Derek”
(Call ended)

You laid in bed and stared at the ceiling, watching as the ceiling fan goes round and round.  You soon fell asleep.  

The sound of shouting woke you up.  You rubbed your sleepy eyes and got out of bed.  You walked down the stairs to find Lyssa yelling at Nate to put your mom’s china down.  Lyssa was in the kitchen cooking while Nate was in the dinning room playing in the china cabinet.  

Nate saw you walk down the stairs and closed the cabinet.  lyssa smiled.

“Morning sleepy head” She said
“Morning guys”
“Morning” Nate said
“So how did you guys even get in? Mark is at the gym practically all day and my mom is at work”
“Found the extra key under the mat” Lyssa said
“Yea, you guys should hide that better” Nate said
“Derek isn’t here, he’s fine, right now he’s at the house with KDL” Nate said
“How did you know I was even going to ask?”
“It’s what everyone asks” He replied
“Good to know then”
“Okay okay let’s stop talking about Derek and lets eat!” Lyssa exclaimed

You guys ate and got ready, Lyssa and Nate said they had a day planned for you.  Once you were done getting dressed *pic*  and doing what you had to do, you guys went to Nate’s car. 

(Not my pic)  

They told you to go on your phone while they drove to the destination.  Nate put the car in park.  

“You can look” They said

You lifted your head up from your phone.  Your eyes met with the sign of ‘Welcome to Mexico’.  Your moth dropped.  

“But I don’t have clothes or my passport” You said
“It’s okay we do” Lyssa said
“Awe, thanks guys” You said placing a smooch on Lyssa’s cheek

Once the guards checked the car and passports you guys were good to go. 

A/N: Hello! its me! lol hope all is well.  I have so much planned for this series.  Hope you enjoyed it.  I do request here.  Love you -i 


Masterlist (moonlight love)

Dating Derek would include:

  • Being super overprotective of you constantly
  • Always trying to take your pain away even if you just stub your toe
  • Getting frustrated with you when you take “unnecessary risks”
  • Him giving you so many pet names
  • Freaking out if you get hurt
  • Becoming his anchor
  • Pulling you behind him if something startles him or he senses danger
  • Butterfly kisses
  • Always reminding him to be careful
  • Fighting all the time
  • But you two always make up
  • Running your fingers through his hair when he has trouble sleeping
  • Whenever you take Scott’s side he gives you the silent treatment
  • Him slowly becoming more and more open to showing affection
  • Looking at you like you’re the center of his world
  • “I need to know you’re safe.”
  • Making him smile even when he’s in a bad mood
  • If he even sees another guy look at you he makes sure they know you’re taken
  • Growling at you
  • Constantly hanging off his waist
  • Tracing his “Alpha, Beta, Omega” tattoo
  • Babying you when you’re sick
  • Loving when you’re jealous because he’s jealous 24/7
  • Tracing circles absentmindedly on your thigh
  • Not trusting Peter alone with you
  • Loving that you’re human because the marks he leaves on you don’t disappear
  • Kissing 24/7
  • Tbh he’s such a fluff ball in private
  • Side eye when you tease him in public
  • Driving you everywhere
  • Curling up in a little ball on his side
  • Being able to read each other like a book
  • Grand romantic gestures
  • “You’re acting like a child, (Y/N).” “No, you are!”
  • Taking forever to say he loves you but when he finally does he can’t stop saying it
  • Knowing he’d heal but you still always freak out and try to take care of him
  • Staying with him basically every night
  • Intense hugging
  • He’s constantly cooking for you
  • Laying on top of you when he doesn’t want you to get up
  • Wearing everything he owns
  • The first time you see him shift you start crying and he immediately turns back and tries to comfort you
  • Soo many hickeys
  • Stiles making fun of Derek because of how affectionate he is with you
  • Turning him on without realizing it
  • Constant PDA
  • Taking serious convincing to let you go on missions with the pack
  • “You’re so annoying.” “But you love me.”