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Can you tell us about your roller derby experiences?

I joined my local roller derby league when I was 15! You have to be 19 to be able to bout since it’s a contact sport, so my mom and I took part in every other way we could. We trained with them every week, learned all the tricks in the bag and we NSO’d for bouts. I was Jam Timer and it was awesome. My derby name was Rocket Baby Doll and my mom’s was Pixel Vixen. I pretty much stopped doing derby once I got a job because I had 0 time, but since I’ll be turning 19 in a few weeks it’s been on my mind lately!! I miss my badass ladies. Our league is called Red Rock n’ Roller Derby and the teams are Moonshine Maidens, Twisted Sisters, and Bootleg Betties.

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Derby is the fastest-growing, most misunderstood sport in the world. It’s been a huge part of my life for 6 years. This trailer will give you a peek into the culture. 


I want to watch this movie so so bad! I hope it’ll be released in the UK.

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Can you do a blurb where he wants a baby but is really nervous about asking/talking about it with you? Thank You.

You and Niall had been married almost a year now. You had talked about kids, especially before you were married, but you always just said ‘someday’, with no specific time plan. Niall had been spending a lot of time with Theo, and Liam and his wife’s new baby girl. He had baby fever, and he had it bad. He always wanted a family, but now just seemed like the right time. You were working hard, making a name for yourself in your industry, rising through the ranks. Niall was so proud of you and how committed you were to your career. He knew a baby would be hard work, and that both you and him would have to make sacrifices in order to make things work. He was 100% ready for a baby, but he didn’t want you to think you would have to give up your career for a family. 

He had been acting kind of off recently. Just a little jumpy sometimes, and he would often be lost in thought staring at the ground, but then deny he was thinking about anything when you asked. One night on the couch after dinner while the two of you were cuddled up watching a replay of a derby game, you caught him again, staring off into the distance with a cute little smile. 

“What are you thinking about?” you tease and poke his cheek, wanting so badly to know what he was thinking about that made him so happy, and distracting him from watching something he usually couldn’t be dragged away from. 

“Huh? Oh nothin’” he mumbled quickly, looking a bit flustered, and even in the low light you’re pretty sure he blushed. 

“No tell me” you pout “What? What was making you smile like that?” you climbed into his lap and wrapped your arms around his neck. 

“I-” he sighed “I don’t wanna make ya mad” he pouted. This made you frown. What could possibly make you mad that would make him smile like that? Your thoughts immediately leapt to worst case scenario but then brushed that aside. Niall would never cheat on you. 

“I don’t think it would make me mad. If it makes you happy it won’t make me mad” you frowned up at him. He sighed and ran his fingertips gently and slowly up and down your spine. 

“Was thinkin’ about havin’ a baby. And watchin’ Derby games with him. Or her.” he looks down to your eyes, clearly searching for your reaction. 

“Oh.” you say and your heart softens, a small smile making it’s way to your lips “And he or she will have a little Derby jersey to match daddy” you smile as you imagine a bit too. His face lights up and he nods with a grin. 

“Yeah. And mummy” he cups your cheek gently with his hand “The whole family will have matching jerseys. We can go t’ games together too.” he smiled and stroked your cheek. 

“Yeah. That’ll be amazing someday” You smile but then Niall’s face falls and he sighs. 

“But babydoll….what if someday were now?” he looks into your eyes pleadingly. 

“You mean…” you ask as your mind processes what he’s just said “Like now? a baby now?” he just nods smally. 

“I want a family with you so bad darlin’. I wanna buy little derby shirts and little baby shoes and I wanna go with ya to all the ultrasounds and I wanna sing to our little bubba from the moment the test comes back positive and I wanna change diapers and I wanna feed ‘em mushed up bananas and I wanna hold them in me arms and watch ‘em fall asleep. i wanna do it all, and I wanna do it with you. I’ve wanted it for so long. But baby I don’t wanna wait any more” he looks at you and his lower lip trembles a bit, scared of what your reaction might be. 

“Then let’s not wait” you reply in a whisper after a few moments pause. 

“Wh-what’dya mean?” He asks, eyes hopeful as he rubs your cheek. 

“Let’s have a baby Niall” you look up to him and his whole face lights up, beaming, and you can’t help but to mirror his expression. He curls his arms tight around you and pulls you into a tight hug. You both giggle softly as you pull away. 

“I love you so much” he whispers, tears in his eyes. 

“I love you too” you beam and he leans in to kiss you gently, but full of love and happiness. 

Thank you so much for this request! I loved it! I’m sorry it took me so long to get to it :( please forgive me. xxoo KM


It’s Derby Day!

Today will be the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby, aka the Run for the Roses and “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.” It is also the first jewel in the Triple Crown.

California Chrome is the morning line favorite this year, but the field is wide open after all the bad luck our favorites have had: Constitution and Hoppertunity are both out with injuries, and Wicked Strong and Ride on Curlin drew posts 20 and 19, respectively.

I had a long huddle and a staring contest with my new horse friend about what to do. We decided that Danza is our pick, but we will still cheer for Wicked Strong to overcome post 20!