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Did you ever write that canon!single teen dad Louis???

I never finished it but it’s still sitting in my WIP folder as something I might pick up in the future. However, here’s what I have, which is basically 4000 words of canon teen dad Louis :))

The first time Liam hears that Louis Tomlinson is a dad, they’re at Boot Camp, and Louis is doing three things all at once: a) pinching Niall Horan’s nipples, b) hanging backwards off the back of a sofa and managing to keep himself from falling by what looks like sheer force of will, and c) singing How To Save A Life at the top of his lungs.

“How on earth can you be a dad,” Niall snorts, batting Louis away. “Stop that. Leave my nipples alone.”

“I am a spectacular dad,” Louis says, in satisfaction. He goes for Niall’s balls this time, and topples backwards off the sofa. “I am the best dad in the world.”

Liam thinks there must be a joke he’s not getting, because Louis isn’t old enough–or mature enough–to be a dad. Louis refuses to get enough sleep and is always messing about and pushing people around, and Liam can’t quite separate Louis’ laughter from that of the boys at school, who’d spent much of the last six years pushing Liam around quite gleefully.

“You’re a nightmare,” Niall says, poking Louis in the side, and Louis beams up at him from where he’s sprawled across the floor.

“Thank you, Niall. You are now second choice to be my personal husband for the rest of forever. After Harry Styles, obviously.”

Niall just laughs at that, and tugs Louis to his feet.

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Can you tell us about your roller derby experiences?

I joined my local roller derby league when I was 15! You have to be 19 to be able to bout since it’s a contact sport, so my mom and I took part in every other way we could. We trained with them every week, learned all the tricks in the bag and we NSO’d for bouts. I was Jam Timer and it was awesome. My derby name was Rocket Baby Doll and my mom’s was Pixel Vixen. I pretty much stopped doing derby once I got a job because I had 0 time, but since I’ll be turning 19 in a few weeks it’s been on my mind lately!! I miss my badass ladies. Our league is called Red Rock n’ Roller Derby and the teams are Moonshine Maidens, Twisted Sisters, and Bootleg Betties.

Homerun Derby - Aaron Judge

Sweet, fluffy smut
Word Count: 1,751

          “How are you feeling?” You looked up to your boyfriend and awaited his response. You were standing next to your boyfriend of two years, Aaron Judge, near the backstop of Marlins Park. It had been amazing to see Aaron come into the majors after a difficult season the year before. It had been even more amazing to see him steal headlines and media coverage because of how well he’s been performing as a rookie. Now you were standing next to him, hours before the Homerun Derby was supposed to start. Words couldn’t put together how proud of him you were. You admired him as he looked around the park with an almost childlike admiration. You took a hold of his hand and gave it a squeeze, “Are you even on planet earth right now?”

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Roller Baby

Roller Derby AU (requested by @brittbrat2017)

Park Jinyoung (GOT7) x Reader


Words - 2,598

You’d loved roller derby for about as long as you could remember. The memory of your first time seeing it was still vivid in your mind even though it was when you were six. Your mother had taken you to see your aunt play against the next town over. It was extraordinary. The bright outfits, the cool names, the fast pace; you couldn’t get enough. After that, you would go and see every game your aunt played in, cheering her on loudly whilst analysing her movements. Roller derby became your favourite sport and your biggest passion. After quite a bit of begging, your aunt agreed to teach you how to play. She introduced you to her teammates and they all took a liking to you, also helping you learn the ins and outs of the sport. However, before you could actually have a go you had to remember all the rules and positions, so you listened to the women and watched them carefully as they played, quickly becoming familiar with the sport.

Another vivid memory was when your mother and aunt took you to buy your first pair of roller skates. You had never been more excited about anything - not even Christmas. Roller skates meant you were finally being allowed to actually play. You walked into the small shop that was just down the road from the track, the bell chiming overhead as the door opened. Your mother and aunt went to talk to the owner whilst you browsed all the different brightly coloured skates with wide, awe-filled eyes. You wondered what colour your’s would be, would your’s have silver stars too? A light tap on your shoulder pulled you out of your thoughts and you turned quickly.

“Hello.” The boy said. You looked up at him with wide eyes as he smiled at you.

“Hi.” You replied quietly, blushing slightly. You were a very quiet and shy child, especially in front of this cute boy.

“I overheard what your aunt was saying to my dad. You’re a fan of roller derby?” He asked cheerfully, watching you with interested eyes. You nodded. “Me too! My dad owns this shop so I know a lot about it!” He seemed to be boasting, appearing to think he knew more than you. You didn’t like that.

“Me too, my aunts on the team.” You said proudly, crossing your small arms over your chest and looking at the boy challengingly.

“I know, the team buys all their stuff from here.” The boy smirked at your attempt to one up him. “So, what position do you want to play?”

“The Jammer. My aunt’s the Jammer so she’s going to teach me everything she knows.”

“The Jammer’s very important, are you sure you’re up to it?” The boy questioned with a smile that was too sweet.

“Of course I am!” You said indignantly, offended that he would question your abilities. “I’m going to play on the team when I’m older!”

“Mhm, I believe you.”

“I am! Just you wait, you’ll see!” You stomped away, not looking at the boy again.

You’d later learned from your aunt that the mean boy was Park Jinyoung. You’d also realised that he was in your class and you’d never noticed. He started coming up to you in school and asking you how being a Jammer was going. You’d boast about the new things you’d learned, then he’d say he already knew how to do that. He was always trying to one up you and that annoyed you immensely. He knew that of course. And he loved it.

This continued on until high school. You were surprised when on the first day he walked over to you and had a normal conversation. No boasting, no one upping, just talking nicely. It was weird, but you liked it. A lot, actually.

You stuck by each other after that, having most of the same classes and making the same friends.  The teasing didn’t stop, though now it was going both ways and just for fun. Neither of you meant anything you were saying, and you both knew it, so you laughed it off and fired an insult back. That was just how you guys worked. You’d tell people you hated each other, but everyone knew it was a lie. They could all see how much you cared for each other. How you would always do subtle things to make sure Jinyoung was okay, like slip food onto his tray or whisper the answer to him when he was called on and had no clue. How he would get so angry if anyone said anything mean to you, or if any boy started flirting with you. You’d never admit it, but you kind of liked jealous Jinyoung. You’d never admit this either, but you kind of really liked all of Jinyoung.

When college came around, you both applied to the same ones. When you got accepted to your local college, you went straight to Jinyoung and learned he had the same great news. You wanted to stay in town so you could continue practicing with the roller derby team, and he wanted to stay to be near you - but he’d never tell you that of course.

Classes had finished for the day and you headed straight to the roller derby track. A game against the rival team of the next town over was coming up so you were needed to help the team practice. You entered the building and headed straight to the changing rooms, seeing the whole team sat on the benches. Your coach turned to you as you entered, a look of relief on her face. “Is everything okay?” You asked, setting your backpack down on the bench.

“Tara’s sister had gone into labour and she has to stay at the hospital with her, so she can’t play tomorrow.” Coach explained. You nodded, excited for the Jammer but also worried for the team.

“So who’s going to play in her place?” You questioned. The team all smiled at you which confused you.

“You are.” You stared at your coach for a while, not quite comprehending what she’d said.


“Yes, you.” She smiled.

“But… I’ve never played a real game before.” Your voice was quiet, too shocked to really do anything.

“I know, but you’re an excellent Jammer and I think you deserve your time to shine.” You nodded, a smile beginning to stretch across your face.

“Are you sure?” You asked, and when coach nodded her head you grinned and started bouncing on the spot. You were actually going to play. A real game. After all these years of practise it was finally your time.

When practice finished, you headed back to the changing room to have a shower and get changed. “Hey, Y/N!” Coach called before you could enter the room. You turned back to her and the other team members. “We think we’ve got a good name for you.” She said. You nodded, gesturing for her to continue.  You’d always wanted a roller derby name! They were always so cool. “Roller Baby.” Coach grinned.

“Roller Baby?” You repeated, a slight frown on your face.

“Yeah, you’ve been doing this since you were six and you’re the youngest out of all of us. We think it’s a fitting name.” You thought about it for a moment before agreeing with them. It was true, it was a good name for you.

As you changed out of your uniform into your clothes, excitement built up inside of you. You’d been waiting for this your whole life and now it was finally happening. You couldn’t wait to tell your aunt, she’d be so happy! You grabbed your bag and ran out of the building and down the street.

You were so excited that you didn’t see the door opening or hear the familiar chime of the bell until it was too late. You crashed straight into Jinyoung as he exited his father’s shop, almost sending the both of you flying. He gripped your arms tightly to steady you both and laughed at your hyper behaviour. “What’s got you so happy?” He asked, letting you go.

“I’m going to play Jinyoung! Tara can’t play so they’ve put me in instead! I’m actually going to play!” You exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear.

“No way!” He breathed, staring at you. You nodded vigorously and before you knew it his arms were encircled around you and you were pressed to his chest. You froze up slightly; you had not expected this. “I can’t believe it! Well I can, it’s about time!” He said happily. You nodded, trying to keep your breathing steady as you wrapped your arms around his waist and hugged him back. You relaxed against him and just enjoyed it. Even though you’d been friends for years, you’d never really hugged or been affectionate like this. It was different and it made your heart race.

He let you go after a while and stepped back to look at you. You blushed slightly, glancing away from him. You wondered if he’d been able to hear your quickened heartbeat. You hoped not. “It’s tomorrow night,” you started quietly, “And I was wondering if you would come?” You looked down at the ground as you waited for his answer - that hug had really thrown you off, you could usually keep your crush on him under control.

“Of course I’ll come!” Jinyoung explained happily, grinning at you. You returned his smile, happy that he would be there. “I wouldn’t miss your first game for the world, you know that.” He affectionately punched your arm before pulling you into the shop to tell his dad the good news.

It was game night. The biggest night of your life so far. You were going to do what you loved for the first time. You should’ve been excited. You should’ve been jumping around with happiness. Instead you were sat on a bench in the changing room about to cry.

Unnoticed by you, one of your team members had come into the changing room and seen you in the corner. They immediately headed back out and found the person you always talked about.

A light knock on the door made you stand up and take a deep breath to try and get yourself together. However, when Jinyoung’s head popped into the room, you relaxed and returned to your previous state. He frowned as he entered, shutting the door behind him and moving to sit next to you. “Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked quietly.

“What if I mess up Jinyoung?” You said. “I’ve never played in a real game, what if I mess up and we lose? I don’t know if I can do it.” Your leg was bouncing up and down - a nervous habit of yours. Jinyoung placed his hand on your thigh, stopping all movement. You looked at him with wide eyes to see him watching you with a serious expression.

“Listen to me Y/N. You have been working for this literally your whole life. I’ve seen you practice and you are one of the best Jammers I’ve ever seen. Ask anyone who’s seen you play and they’ll agree. You won’t mess up, you won’t lose, and you can do it. Everyone believes in you. I believe in you.” He smiled reassuringly whilst rubbing your back in circles. “You can do this. And you know you can.” You nodded, his words striking up determination in you.

“You’re right, thank you Jinyoung.” You smiled at him.

“Anytime, Roller Baby.”

You stood nervously on the track, glancing around at all the people in the stands. Your eyes met your family’s and they all cheered for you. You smiled and looked over to Jinyoung who sent you a thumbs up. You focused back on the track and the other women. You could do this. You would do this. The whistle blew, and you were off. The whole game was a whirlwind; one minute you were being smacked in to and the next you were pushed ahead of the group. It was crazy and competitive, but nothing you couldn’t handle. It was exhilarating, skating around the track and weaving between the women whilst the crowd cheered you on. You’d never felt anything quite like it.

The whistle for the final jam sounded. You had to gain four points in two minutes to win. You sped up, flying past one of the other team’s Blockers. Another tried to crash in to you, one of your girls giving you a shove and getting you out of the way just in time. Just two more points in one minute. Your Blockers kept the other team’s away, allowing you to get through again. One more. You grabbed onto your teammate in front of you and she propelled you forwards. You passed the other team’s Jammer just before the whistle blew.

The crowd roared, jumping to their feet and cheering loudly. You turned to your team with the biggest grin, and they all returned it. They crowded around you, hugging and congratulating each other. You’d done it! Your team had won! Happiness radiated off of all of you as you looked up at the ecstatic crowd. You spotted your family again, you mother and aunt crying out of happiness, but you couldn’t spot Jinyoung. You searched through the people and finally found him stood near the entrance to the track. You excused yourself from your teammates and skated over to him. As you reached him, you threw your arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. He wrapped his arms around your waist and squeezed you tighter.

“I’m so proud of you, Y/N.” He whispered into your ear. You blushed and smiled, hiding your face against his shoulder. He pulled back slightly so he could look at you and smiled softly. “You were amazing.”

“Thank you.” You whispered, your cheeks bright red. His smile widened at that.

“I know you’ll be celebrating with the team tonight, so would you like to go out for dinner tomorrow? You know, to celebrate your win.” He asked, not able to keep his eyes on your widened ones. Did that mean what you thought it meant?

“Would it be… a date?” You questioned nervously. If he said no, you might have to go hide under a rock somewhere. Your heart raced as you waited for his reply.

“If you want it to be.” Jinyoung smiled, pulling you a little closer (you hadn’t thought that was possible).

“Yes.” You replied immediately. He chuckled softly whilst you closed your eyes and sighed. You just couldn’t stop embarrassing yourself, could you? “I mean, that would be nice.”

“You should get back to your team.” He sighed, looking at the women who were trying to discreetly watch you and failing.

“Yeah, you’re right.” You agreed. “Thank you for coming Jinyoung. I couldn’t have done it without you.” You smiled up at him.

“Oh you could’ve, but I’m glad I helped.” He smiled back, lifting one of his hands to gently stroke your cheek, which turned pink at the contact. “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” He said. You nodded and pulled away from him. You were about to turn away, but a moment of confidence had you leaning forward. You kissed him softly, smiling when he returned it. You moved backwards grinning at him before spinning around and going back to your team. Glancing over your shoulder quickly, you saw Jinyoung blushing and smiling after you.

This was definitely the best day ever.

A/N ~ This was my first request so I really hope you like it, even though I feel like this wasn’t exactly what you wanted… Thank you for requesting!

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Derby is the fastest-growing, most misunderstood sport in the world. It’s been a huge part of my life for 6 years. This trailer will give you a peek into the culture. 


I want to watch this movie so so bad! I hope it’ll be released in the UK.


Killing me, Smalls.