Are you a girl, non binary person, or queer? Do you like to skate or want to learn how to skate? Then the Bowl Babies is for you! We’re a roller skate gang comprised entirely of young (15-25 year olds) queer, non binary, and girl skaters! Send us an email at bowlbabiesgang@gmail to find out how to join! 💀👄💀👄💀👄💀

thecurlymankey  asked:

Can you tell us about your roller derby experiences?

I joined my local roller derby league when I was 15! You have to be 19 to be able to bout since it’s a contact sport, so my mom and I took part in every other way we could. We trained with them every week, learned all the tricks in the bag and we NSO’d for bouts. I was Jam Timer and it was awesome. My derby name was Rocket Baby Doll and my mom’s was Pixel Vixen. I pretty much stopped doing derby once I got a job because I had 0 time, but since I’ll be turning 19 in a few weeks it’s been on my mind lately!! I miss my badass ladies. Our league is called Red Rock n’ Roller Derby and the teams are Moonshine Maidens, Twisted Sisters, and Bootleg Betties.


Derby, Baby! The trailer!

After our exciting Derby, Baby! news today we thought we’d tease you a little bit, so here’s the official trailer.

We’re hoping to release tickets for this on Monday.. so watch this space!

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Derby is the fastest-growing, most misunderstood sport in the world. It’s been a huge part of my life for 6 years. This trailer will give you a peek into the culture. 


I want to watch this movie so so bad! I hope it’ll be released in the UK.