Inspired by that part in “I Was A Robot” where Wolfgang claims that after leaving Kraftwerk he phoned up Ralf, and Ralf pretended not to know who Wolfi was. 

I got to thinking; 1) Ralf had a head injury in his bicycle accident that must have affected his memory, and 2) he’s probably met thousands of people in his lifetime…heck there have been around two dozen people in Kraftwerk alone!  So, of course Ralf is going to have a hard time remembering without a little prodding!  :P


Ah Kraftwerk. Sound of my childhood. Like with many things I listened to back then, I did not see the music video or any associated visual material until adulthood, mostly via youtube. Sometimes of course a music video for a much beloved track ends up being disappointing. With Kraftwerk, I’ve mostly found the opposite the case, the videos encapsulate, for better or worse, the atmosphere of the song. Such as this stilted German Expressionism influenced piece, Der Telefon Anruf!