First Lt. Clayton Nattier poses for a portrait after receiving the medals he earned for his service during WWII. Three WWII veteran prisoners of war are awarded the medals they earned but never received by Ed Perlmutter, Colorado’s seventh district representative, on Thursday, July 2, 2015 at Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood, Colorado. (Photo by Callaghan O'Hare/The Denver Post) @callaghan_ohare #wwii #veteran #vet #ww2 #wwiivet #pow #lakwewoodco


Click through for the Denver Post’s coverage of the Black Forest Fire, the worst in the state’s history. The cause of the fire is unknown, but the severity is traced to persistent drought, massive tree deaths by bark beetles, dry soils, and budget cuts.

Two baby great horned owls were rescued today by volunteers near Grand Junction, Colo., after their nest fell about 60 feet. Jordan Steffen reports:

A volunteer Wildlife Rescue Team for the Colorado Division of Wildlife received a call from two women at the Audubon-Ela Sanctuary who had been watching the owls’ nest, concerned that the nest was too heavy for tree it was in, said volunteer Steve Bouricius.

Photo above courtesy of Eileen Cunningham, click for more. 

Arapahoe High School shooter another left-wing radical, media does their best to scrub his politics

This story isn’t really about connecting a violent felon to a political party. It’s about the media’s constant attempt to smear those of us on the political right as violent nutjobs when in reality, virtually all of the violent nutjobs who commit these shootings lean politically left or have no apparent political interests at all

Yesterday’s shooting at Arapahoe High School in Colorado is no exception.  The shooter was student Karl Pierson who, on his Facebook page describes himself as a Keynesian, anti-Republican, and (ironically) pro-gun control. One classmate even described Pierson to the Denver Post as an “opinionated Socialist.”  

Here’s that detail as it originally appeared in the Denver Post (via Gateway Pundit): 

But if you were to go read this article on Denver Post right now, you won’t find the word “Socialist” any longer. They’ve scrubbed it from the piece

And why? Here’s the Denver Post’s senior editor’s answer when a reader questioned the glaring edit:

Oh, so now we’re insulting his classmate’s intelligence? Arthur Kimes over at Ace of Spades HQ makes a good point:

What happened here is pretty obvious.  The folks over at the Denver Post didn’t like the kind of attention that an accurate portrayal of the facts was getting, and so they scrubbed the facts. Does anybody out there think they’d do the same had his classmate described him as a “Tea Partier”? 


On Tuesday, May 6, our Broncos reporter, Mike Klis, offered his top 10 best draft picks in franchise history. So now it’s time for the worst 10 picks. (We know, we know. Someone’s gotta be in the bottom 10 though.) 


#1 Ted Gregory, DT, Syracuse, 1988

First round, No. 26 overall: Listed at 6-foot-1, Gregory was really closer to 5-9, according to a shocked coach Dan Reeves. Gregory hurt his knee in training camp and was traded to New Orleans without ever playing a game for the Broncos. (Glen Martin/ The Denver Post)


#9 Bobby Anderson, RB, Colorado, 1970 First round, No. 11 overall: Hate to put the local hero on this list, but in four seasons with the Broncos, Anderson rushed for 368, 533, 319 and 61 yards. (The Denver Post Archive)

See all 10 picks here

The Marijuana Critic

“We have a restaurant critic and wine reviewers,” Ricardo Baca, The Denver Post’s marijuana editor, tells The New York Times. “We have an award-winning craft beer blog. From that logic you do need a pot critic — and maybe a few of them.”

And so the Times profiles Jake Brown, the Denver Post’s first pot critic. We learn how Brown tried, unsuccessfully, to become a male model, moved from Iowa to Colorado, entered the medical marijuana industry and now casts his critical eye on all things herbal in and around Denver.

Via The New York Times:

In total so far, Mr. Browne has written 27 reviews. He critiqued a strain called Jack Flash (“it practically jumped through my monitor and into my pipe”); 303 Kush (“almost overwhelming”); and wrote about a Willie Nelson-themed varietal called Red Headed Stranger No. 14 (“a little less mentally racy” but with a “strong overall high”). And while his taste buds play a role in the critiques, certainly, there is more to it…

…The most important element of being a pot critic… is one that traditional food criticism may lack (at least in this much detail): how the product makes you feel. Seated in his living room testing out the Lemon Kush, Mr. Browne kept detailed notes from the moment he ingested, and observed how it moved through his body.

No, Brown says, the gig doesn’t pay the bills. But still, not a bad beat.

Image: Jake Browne, pot critic for The Denver Post. Via the New York Times.

Hey there little guy!

“In this photo taken Aug. 5, 2012 and publicly provided by the police department Hanover, Germany, on Aug. 6, 2012, a squirrel is trapped in a manhole cover in Isenhagen, northern Germany. After they were called by neighbours, police managed to free the animal by using olive oil. (AP Photo/Police Hanover)”

Going through the Denver Post photo blog when I came across this success story! Pretty neat to see his little face alongside pictures of floods and hurricanes. 

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The Denver Post, Fox News, ABC News, Reuters, Huffington Post, and many other mainstream media outlets are following the lead of the Denver Police and calling the girl who was killed by the cops and then had her body mutilated afterwards a “woman”. If she were White, there is little doubt about whether they would comply with this lie.

The G's 5 Favorite Newspaper Tumblrs of 2011

I know we haven’t been around too long, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t admired the work other newspapers have been doing on Tumblr. Here are 5 traditional newspapers doing awesome work on tumblr.

1.The National Post

2. The Los Angeles Times

3. The Columbus Dispatch

4. The Denver Post

5. The Albany Times-Union

Any other newspaper tumblrs you loved this year? Let us know. To innovation and the future my friends.